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Separation Agreements

What Is A Separation Agreement? A separation agreement incorporates the terms of the parties’ final agreement on all outstanding issues connected with their divorce or legal separation. What Topics Are Included In A Separation Agreement? Separation agreements cover...

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Estate Planning Post Divorce – What You Need To Know

You and your spouse will no longer be spending a long life together as you had once planned.  During marriage spouses typically designate one another as beneficiaries of life insurance policies, retirement plans, wills, and trusts.  A divorce disrupts the long-term...

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Public vs. Private School: Who Decides During A Divorce?

Parents going through a divorce are supposed to work together to make decisions in their children’s best interests.  One of these significant decisions is school placement.  What happens if the parents cannot agree? What if one parent wants the children to attend...

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What Is An Emergency Ex Parte Application For Custody?

An Emergency ex parte application for custody means that it is filed “for one party.” An ex parte application is an exception to the general rule that both parties must be present at any argument before a judge. Instead, these applications are initially considered “on...

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