Are you ready to hear some of the most memorable moments and juicy details from today’s leading experts featured on the Divorce And Beyond podcast?

August kicks off with a special two-part episode from Host and Top Divorce Attorney, Susan Guthrie.  A few weeks ago, she ran a post on Instagram that shared a recent Buzzfeed article that contained a bunch of divorce attorneys’ craziest cases. The post was so popular that Susan decided to create a podcast episode devoted to some of the most memorable cases and experiences from past guest experts of the show.

In this episode, experts and friends, such as Bill Eddy, Kate Anthony, and Dr. Elizabeth Cohen, share their most memorable cases or clients with us. They also share an important lesson or takeaway that they learned from the experience. There are some amazing insights for everyone, as well as some juicy stories too.

Many of our experts wanted to participate in this special series, so we produced a two-part episode to fit all their wisdom and experiences.  You’ll hear Part One today and then tune in again on Thursday for Part Two.

Some of the most memorable cases and topics include:

  • Lessons learned from a stunning divorce case involving a husband and wife, spanning over ten years, as told by High Conflict Expert Bill Eddy
  • A true example of “once a cheater, always a cheater…” is exposed as Eric Broder retells his most memorable divorce case moment
  • The Divorce Doctor, Dr. Elizabeth Cohen reflects on a case with a challenging client and the slow process of excavating the client’s experiences and feelings versus leaning into the story about her ex-partner “We make mistakes, but we are not a mistake.”
  • Billion Dollar Divorce Attorney Beth McCormack shares her time as a child advocate of a young girl who was experiencing parental alienation, how she was able to help, and later watched the young girl grow up and succeed in life
  • Plus, you’ll hear insightful and astounding experiences shared by Kate Anthony, Tracy Malone, and Karen and Catherine of My Divorce Solution!

Listen in to hear the amazing case details, takeaways, and wisdom from today’s top divorce professionals! 


This episode featured knowledge and wisdom from these special guests:

Bill Eddy
Eric Broder
Dr. Elizabeth Cohen
Beth McCormack
Kate Anthony
Tracy Malone
Karen Chellew & Catherine Shanahan of My Divorce Solution

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