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What Is The Order Of Pleadings In A Connecticut Divorce?

Pursuant to Connecticut Practice Book § 25-11, the order of pleadings in a connection divorce action is (a) Plaintiff's Complaint, (b) Defendant's Motion to Dismiss the Complaint, (c) Defendant's Motion to Strike the Complaint of Claims for Relief, (d) Defendant's...

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Getting Divorced During COVID

It is possible to initiate, work through, and finalize a divorce during COVID. And you will not even have to go to Court. Our office is handling these cases regularly and with positive results. In some instances, the parties were already contemplating divorce before...

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Separation Agreements

What Is A Separation Agreement? A separation agreement incorporates the terms of the parties’ final agreement on all outstanding issues connected with their divorce or legal separation. What Topics Are Included In A Separation Agreement? Separation agreements cover...

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Estate Planning Post Divorce – What You Need To Know

You and your spouse will no longer be spending a long life together as you had once planned.  During marriage spouses typically designate one another as beneficiaries of life insurance policies, retirement plans, wills, and trusts.  A divorce disrupts the long-term...

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How Is Life Insurance Treated In A Connecticut Divorce Case?

By: Sarah E. Murray How Do You Obtain Information Regarding Your Spouse’s Life Insurance Coverage During A Connecticut Divorce? As part of the discovery (i.e., information gathering) phase of any Connecticut divorce case, it is critical that both sides disclose to one...

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My Spouse Wants A Divorce, But I Don’t – What Can I Do?

Do I Need To Consent To A Divorce? No. In Connecticut, only one spouse needs to file for divorce. The other spouse does not need to consent to a Connecticut divorce action being filed. What Are My Options If I Don’t Want A Divorce? Once a divorce action has been filed...

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