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Carole Orland

At Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC, we concentrate specifically on the areas of family law, matrimonial law and divorce. We provide each client with skilled representation and personal attention, tailoring a solution to meet his or her specific needs. Our Westport and Greenwich family attorneys are experienced in the trial and settlement of a wide range of divorce cases, including high net worth cases involving complex financial and tax issues. We will seek constructive solutions in every part of your divorce, including:

  • Custody and visitation: Our lawyers find creative, fair and flexible solutions for parents arranging parenting plans. In addition, we advise our clients about the various aspects of legal and physical child custody. In limited situations, sole custody may be in the best interests of the child. Above all, we ensure that the best interests of the children are paramount throughout the process.
  • Child support: Child support, whether a parent is paying or receiving support, is a major issue in any divorce. Our attorneys have a firm understanding of the fundamentals and will guide you toward a favorable outcome. In addition, we regularly advise clients on matters related to child support, such as educational support orders, the costs of extracurricular activities and unreimbursed medical costs.
  • Property distribution: Connecticut law requires that marital property is distributed in an equitable manner. We are experienced in cases involving high net worth individuals such as those with extensive retirement assets, stock option and restricted stock benefits, and employee benefits such as pensions and options. Working with experts, our firm is experienced with issues such as determining the fair market value of a business, including family-owned or closely held businesses. Once a business has been valued, we focus on achieving a resolution that allows one spouse to continue business operations and the other to receive an equitable off-set.
  • Alimony, spousal support and maintenance: We help achieve favorable spousal support for our clients, whether they will be paying support or receiving support. We utilize a network of resources when necessary, frequently working with financial experts in the case of high net worth individuals.

In addition to our divorce practice, we represent individuals who seek to modify the terms of a divorce judgment. We are also tenacious in cases involving the enforcement of the terms of a previous judgment, such as those matters where a client is seeking to collect money owed or defend against such a claim.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with relocation cases. These cases require experience, sensitivity and creative solutions. We skillfully represent parents who wish to relocate with their children as well as parents who oppose such relocations.

When the occasion arises, we provide mediation and collaborative alternatives in a wide range of matters. In instances where litigation is the most effective way to advance our clients’ interests, we will leave no stone unturned.

In addition, our law firm creates prenuptial and antenuptial agreements for a diverse clientele. Prenuptial agreements can clarify and protect an individual’s rights and obligations in the event of a divorce or death. We are most sensitive to the fact that discussing these issues prior to an impending wedding is a delicate matter.

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