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Eric was the first and only attorney I met with when I embarked on this unfortunate journey. I did not “shop around” as so many do because I instantly knew that I wanted Eric on my case. His reasonable approach was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to avoid partnering with someone that had a “win at all costs” attitude, which often results in permanent fractures in family units, not to mention long, drawn-out battles. That being said, Eric was ready to fight when it mattered. When you hire Eric, you won’t get a push-over, nor a pit-bull; you’ll get the right balance of practicality and aggressiveness. I never had to second-guess the guidance I received as it was always sound and rationale. Eric was incredibly accessible and responsive, and generous with his time. He is an astute negotiator who is highly regarded within the legal community. Above all, Eric brings integrity and empathy to the table. I can’t recommend Eric and the team at Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC enough and I’ll always be grateful for the first-class service I received. You can rest assured that you are being represented by the best when you hire Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC.

[From a Former Client]

The attorneys at Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC are top notch lawyers as well as terrific people. I have worked with Carole Orland, Eric Broder, Sarah Murray, and Chris DeMattie on a number of matters in the Connecticut Supreme and Appellate Courts. Across the board, their preparation and presentation of matrimonial cases are among the best I have ever seen. They care about their clients and, while not afraid to fight the fight, take a practical, cost sensitive approach to what is often an emotionally driven experience. I cannot recommend them more highly!

[From Esteemed Appellate Counsel]

Excellent legal representation and professionals of the highest integrity. Carole Orland represented me in an extremely complicated, contentious and difficult case. They provided sound strategic advice, thorough preparation at every turn, aggressiveness when needed yet ability to see opportunities for compromise, an accurate read of situations borne of experience, and expertise in complicated financial matters. They are professionals of the highest order and people whom I regard with tremendous respect.

[From a Current Client]

Sarah Murray represented me in my divorce and child custody negotiations. She is fantastic in court and negotiations with the other side – smart, firm, concise, poised, and by-the-book. Her awareness of post-divorce consequences to my agreement was outstanding and so was her communication and process advising me through the ordeal. Sarah is an outstanding professional and she has a wonderful, compassionate ability to connect and still stand strong as an advocate. Her top note, I think, is her grasp of the impact of custody decisions upon the children involved. And don’t be fooled by the cover – she may be soft-spoken and polite but she carries a very big stick.

[From a Former Client]

Attorney DeMattie represented me in what was a year-long custody battle against some relatively challenging odds (as a father trying to get joint custody of an infant child). Attorney DeMattie’s knowledge of the law, integrity of character and calm and disciplined demeanor made all the difference in helping me to get joint custody of my young son. Of particular significance, his intimate knowledge of Family Court resources enabled us to continue to gain ground and realize more quality time and overnights with my son despite the fact that my ex-wife and her attorney tried to use the system to drag things out (which is something that you can’t possibly appreciate until you experience the family court process). Moreover, in the world of Family Law, it makes all the difference to know that the advice and strategy you’re following is coming from someone who has a high degree of compassion and integrity. In short, Attorney DeMattie takes a uniquely personalized approach and is highly committed to the job at hand. It should come as no surprise that I highly recommend Chris!

[From a Former Client]

The minute I met Eric and his team I knew I didn’t have to worry about one part of my divorce process. Eric is respected in his field and his reputation follows him to the negotiation table and through the courtroom where you sense he’s highly regarded by both the judges and other attorneys. He is a gentleman and I was proud to have him represent me.  At the same time, I knew if things got tough, he would fight for me.  Eric tells it like it is and saves you time and angst. He is practical and experienced in regards to your finances, to your spouse’s personality, and most importantly, to your children’s well being. You can trust you are represented by the most respected firm in Fairfield County and I will forever be grateful.

[From a Former Client]

Hi Eric, I just wanted you to know that today went so well and you’ve got a real gem with Jaime—she was truly amazing—sharp, professional, kind and has a real depth that I appreciated very much. It was a full courtroom and all went very smoothly. I thank you again.

[From a Former Client]

Hi Carole,

I hope this finds you well. I’m happy to hear your business is growing and that you moved into new offices…I sing your praises all the time and have given your name to a number of people. You were so helpful to me at a stressful time in my life. I’ll forever be grateful.

[From a Former Client]

Eric Broder and his firm provided exceptional legal service. Eric is honorable, highly compassionate, helpful, and was extremely attentive. I was dealing with a highly complicated, gut-wrenching divorce that involved custody of a special needs child. Eric was quick to respond to my inquiries and provided multiple options and solid advice. Eric and his team did not allow me to get bullied by the process and…found every cent that was obligated to my children. He went above and beyond to find finances that my former husband had attempted to hide during the process. He is compassionate, strong, and well respected by judges, clerks, and counsel. Eric Broder is fair with his billing. Eric is a skilled attorney that fights hard to get results for his clients, with many years of experience and an excellent reputation. I was extremely impressed with his ability to recall the smallest details of my case and I always felt that his interest in my personal situation was sincere. Eric is a family man with a passion for justice. He is the example of what every attorney should be. On the day of my divorce, my ex-husband commented that he wished Eric was his attorney… Highly recommended.

[From a Former Client]

Attorney Broder handled my case professionally, with understanding and to a desirable outcome. Through a very difficult time, Attorney Broder’s experience, knowledge and advice were a mitigating and reassuring factor. His knowledge of the divorce process and skilled negotiating were trumped only by his concern for the children involved, invaluable to say the least. Respected by both sides of the table, Attorney Broder was highly recommended to me by several fellow lawyers as well as by individuals who he had represented – I similarly endorse him without hesitation.

[From a Former Client]

In the most unfortunate and painful circumstances, Eric Broder (and his entire firm, from receptionists to paralegals to partners) did an amazing job-not only in securing a great settlement, but (as or more importantly) was incredibly patient, sensitive, and understanding of intense emotions and the big picture throughout the entire process. Beyond competent and honorable, Eric also always responded back ASAP-no matter how busy.  A very close friend-an attorney whose opinion I value very much-recommended Eric, and many people I meet who hear his name have only the highest level of respect and honor associated with his name and his firm.  While one hopes his services are never needed, if they ever should be, you will be in the best hands!

[From a Former Client]

I hired Carole Orland and her associate Chris DeMattie in May 2016 to represent me in a hotly contested custody of minors and personal asset divorce. Carole and Chris worked extremely well together and were always available to address my concerns and questions 7 days a week virtually 24 hours a day. Carole’s vast experience addressing the bench, knowledge and experience of statues and interpretations, focus, energy and determination proved vital in my representation. I never found myself frustrated with Carole and her team. My frustrations were in the court process, subjective latitude of the Bench, and Family Services. Carole and her team conducted themselves in a highly professional matter at all times. They were always prepared in Court and were able to think on their feet and offered sound helpful advice in my divorce case. They were instrumental in the mediation process and my case was settled out of court which amazes me to this day! I feel fortunate to have had such talented representation in my divorce proceedings and I would highly recommend Carole and her associates to anyone who asks my advice.

[From a divorce client in a case involving complex custody issues and division of complex financial assets]

Eric & Chris,

I just wanted to thank you for looking out for my best interest during my divorce.  It’s been almost 3 years and in a week my ex-husband will be unemployed.  At the time of the divorce I wanted and thought I deserved alimony-I really couldn’t think 3 years down the road.  I am forever grateful to you both for looking out for my best interest.  So thank you!

[From a Former Client]


You’re not only very good at what you do, you’re kind and easy to work with. I knew from the minute I met you, we’d be a great match! You were always able to calm me down and make me feel protected. 

[From a Former Client]

ChrisI want you to know that you did a great job handling my case. Getting divorced is a confusing and stressful process. I always felt comfortable that my situation was being managed well by you. There was so much going on and it was all new to me and you were always there with the right answers.

At the end I feel that I did better than I expected, which is a wonderful feeling. I’m happily divorced now and my kids are doing great. We all thank you for your hard work and thoughtfulness.

[From a Former Client]

You are winners in my eyes…This process has been painful, but you have made it much less so…

From the start, I knew we did not stand a good chance, but I had to try and you were mighty in your efforts. You are gallant fighters. Keep at it.

If I had to recommend lawyers, you top the list. Smart, savvy, and kind. You have more than my vote. You have my gratitude.

I still see the look of concern on Carole’s face as I first met with her to share my story. I treasure the encouragement Stacy gave me as she looked at the paperwork I had collected…The paperwork you all produced! What a job. Carole’s presence at the courthouse and look when I handed her the jury summons. Even Emily at the front desk who generously laughed at my jokes when I showed up hauling a suitcase of paper…those little things mean a lot. You are fine women I am proud to have known.

I will owe you my gratitude forever.

[From a Former Client]

Dear Carole,

I am just getting home after the day of mediation with you…You have both been so unbelievably kind, patient, caring and honestly had my best interest…I cannot express my gratitude enough, and the amount of respect I have for all of you to be able to do this each day.

Everyone worked together to make an awful situation into something we could all walk away with and be able to sleep at night knowing it is fair and just.

Carole, I feel as though I have known you forever, so I thank you again, and know that you honestly had my back even when I didn’t have the courage to stand alone. I left your office today thinking that I spent the day with two unbelievably smart, confident and more importantly strong attorneys that understand the value of a woman that chooses to stay home and raise her children. So I thank you for reinforcing that to me…

[From a Former Client]

Dear Eric and Sarah,

Wanted to thank you both for all of your help, support, patience, sensitivity and time thus far. Eric was super prepared and did a phenomenal job today- both in terms of negotiating well for me in the Parenting Plan, as well as keeping [my spouse] in his place and taking the lead. And of course, Sarah was key in getting Eric updated for today’s meeting, has made herself very available to go over every little detail to ease my anxiety…and has been extremely instrumental in allowing our progress to date to get to this point today!

…at least if I have one thing to be grateful for (aside from my health and my kids), it’s that even in this utmost vulnerable and scary situation, I feel confident that I’m being represented by the best! …Should the need arise, I would definitely highly recommend both of you, as well as your firm (please thank Stephanie, too… know it truly takes a village, and without her meticulous notes and organization, we would not get very far!)…I can feel proud of how it’s been handled, and at peace that I am truly in great hands.

… I also wanted to let you know with words how amazing, professional, helpful and “gentle-yet-assertive” your whole team has been to me…

[From a Former Client]

Carole…I thank you with all of my heart for your professional work on my behalf. I know that I could not have been better served. Thank you for taking me on as your client. My future is much brighter than I could ever have imagined it would be…

[From a Former Client]

Dear Eric…I am very grateful to you. I am impressed with you and appreciate your expertise throughout a process I had no real prior experience with…I know that you both got the best deal for me that probably I could hope to get. I can’t thank you enough…I look forward to recommending you as I have all along this process-you are a total gentleman attorney. I chose you because I feel you are kind and care about ethics in these situations…

[From a Former Client]

Eric: You’re a top notch attorney – Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf”

[From a Former Client]

Dear Eric,

Your input and involvement in our program was invaluable and so important for us therapists! You always present your ideas with such grace! And, I agree with you about the need for continuing the discussion of how we can best work together for the better good of families!

Thank you so much again for donating so much of your valuable time to spend the day with us!

[From a Former Client]

Dear Mr. Broder & Ms. Orland:

Just wanted to pass along a compliment to both of you for the assignment of Chris DeMattie to my case. He recently oversaw the last part of the settlement which included a tax payment from my ex who had moved to South Carolina. Professionally and thoroughly he pursued this important bit of the financial puzzle…..

Over the course of the months of the original litigation and the brief period we were in court in Stamford, Chris was always there explaining the process and what I needed to bring to the party……He was pretty unflappable and was always there reminding me emotion did not have much of place in all this and to think with your practical side to get to the end of the process in the best possible shape. Not sure how much of the psychological part goes along with the job, but he has that in his toolkit.

Wanted to let you know using a sports cliché, you have a player on your team.

[From a Former Client]

Dear Eric,

I’d like to start by saying how deeply I appreciate all you have done, along with your team, in working with me during this nightmare of the past several months beginning with my [ex-husband’s] rehabilitation stay. When I had nowhere to turn, you offered me your legal expertise and seasoned professional judgement, both of which have been of incalculable value to me.

[From a Former Client]

I always tell my clients “The better the lawyers on BOTH sides of a case, the better result for both sides.” Our getting [XXXXX] and [XXXXX] to a negotiated settlement of money and parenting issues proves that adage. Thank you from our office to yours for your professionalism.

[From Opposing Counsel to our Office]

To Attorney Orland:

You really did an amazing job for [your client]. I hope she recognizes that. I know it’s hard for clients to sometimes understand the differences between good and not-so-good lawyering, but you were truly exceptional. I was really impressed and [she] was really fortunate to have you.

[From Court-Appointed Psychological Evaluator]

Chris: Sincere thanks for your guidance and efforts over the past several months. I appreciate your candidness yesterday. It is refreshing to know that even though you are in the business of making money, you still have the clients’ best interests in mind before deciding to just make a dollar. Very admirable.

[From a Former Client]

…. I will always appreciate your warmth and strength and professionalism in helping to make all my happiness possible. You walk with folk through some very dark times. So glad to be back in the light…..

[From a former divorce client to Attorney Orland]

Chris: I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work these past 6 months, and especially the last 2 weeks. I feel a huge sense of relief today for the first time in nearly 2 years. I just hope we can all move forward peacefully and [my spouse] gets stability back into his life. You talked me off several ledges and listened to my endless ramble through anger, fear and tears. THANK YOU!”

[From a Former Client]

Chris: I want to take this time to express my sincerest thanks for your hard work, dedication and diligence on representing me at the divorce trial this week! Although the process is grueling, stressful and so full of gaps, I believe your firm did a phenomenal job for me. No doubt our side out-performed [the opposing side] and I’m confident we did everything we could to hopefully influence [the Court] to decide the case in my favor. We will see, but please know that I am extremely pleased with your skill and performance!”

[From a Former Client]

Mr. Broder: I want to thank you for spending so much time looking into my case and meeting with me. I’m sorry this was in vain, but am very grateful that you did all this for me and pro bono…Do you know, when I got home the day of our meeting and looked at Ms. Murray’s page, I realized it had been hers of the associates’ that had really blown me away earlier, and I said again, Holy cow. You, she, and Ms. Orland are very impressive and you three and everyone at your firm were fabulous, consistent with your reputation. I hope someday we can meet again when life is more peaceful and I am more sane.”

[From a Former Client]

Eric and Chris: As we come to the end of my case, or to what I sincerely hope will be the end of it, let me thank you for your counsel, perspective, and professionalism. At trying times like these, the client truly gets to take the measure of his team, and I could not have felt in better hands.

Please know that I will be glad to serve as a reference should it ever be helpful and that I will not hesitate to recommend you and your firm as the opportunity arises – and history suggests it will. Again and again!”

[From a Former Client]

Chris and Eric: At the risk of being cheesy, I just wanted to say that both of your guidance has been amazing to date. Just really appreciate it. I feel like I’m in good hands during this impossible time and I’m sure you guys don’t hear that often enough.”

[From a Former Client]

Tears of joy certainly continue. I had resigned myself to not being awarded the suspension of visits so I was stunned when this was granted along with the stipulation of supervised visits if he complies with the therapeutic process. Clearly, the judge had doubt and was certainly concerned for [my child’s] safety. You are both passionate and compassionate and I can’t thank you enough.

I do think we need to wait and see how [my spouse] reacts to all of this but for now, I am just beginning to wake up in a whole new world thanks to you and your firm.

[From a Former Client]

Sarah: Just wanted to say thanks again for your help yesterday.

I am convinced that we would not have prevailed in obtaining the contempt citation if you had not questioned [XXX] on paragraph 18 at the uncontested. And given [the judge’s] critique of the way it was drafted, this was especially important. Well done. It raises the bar overall for indirect civil contempt citations.”

[From a Former Client]

Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC is AV® PreeminentTM rated by Martindale-Hubbell ®, the highest possible rating in both legal ability and ethical standards, earned through a strenuous peer and judicial review procedure. Below are comments submitted to Martindale-Hubbell® anonymously by their peers and the judiciary during the review process.

“…In addition to her tremendous depth of knowledge and experience in matrimonial and family law, Carole is a focused and pragmatic problem solver. Her legal acumen and good judgment, together with uniquely strong interpersonal skills, make her an especially effective advocate for her clients. Carole’s growing firm is now the second largest matrimonial firm in Connecticut – a well deserved distinction.”

“Pleasure, courteous, well prepared.”

Eric Broder is one of the finest attorneys that I know, in relation to both his representation of his clients and professionalism towards his peers.”

“Excellent judgment and responsiveness.”

Ms. Orland is a highly skilled attorney who is universally admired and respected by fellow practitioners. She subscribes to the highest ethical standards… I recommend her without qualification.”

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