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Westport Business Valuation Lawyers

For many clients involved in complex divorces, the proper valuation of a family-owned or closely held business is essential in order to reach an equitable property distribution.

The law firm of Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC, in Westport and Greenwich, Connecticut, has handled numerous divorces involving such businesses. Our family law attorneys work closely with a number of financial and business experts who can examine and analyze the financial records of the business. These experts work to identify inaccuracies or incomplete financial records to ensure that a business is properly valued.

Representing Business Owners And The Spouses Of Business Owners

We understand that asset protection is often paramount to the ongoing success of a business following the dissolution of marriage. Our family law attorneys have been successful in allowing business owners to continue with business operations after a divorce, either through litigation or settlement. In other cases, when representing the spouse of a business owner, we have enabled our clients to receive a set-off of assets or a lump sum that recognizes that their spouse will be retaining the business.

Our objective, no matter who we are representing, is to protect our clients’ interests and ensure they receive and maintain the proper amount of assets during the divorce proceedings.

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