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When Should You Use an Expert in Child Custody Cases?

Experts are often used in child custody cases to advise attorneys and/or testify on a relevant issue. While they can offer invaluable assistance in certain cases, they aren't always necessary. Many cases can be resolved without the involvement of an expert if the...

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What Kind of Parenting Time Plan Should You Expect?

Years ago, the typical parenting time plan gave a noncustodial parent every other weekend with the children and a mid-week dinner or overnight stay. However, changes in how society views shared custody and flexibility in work schedules have altered what parents and...

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At What Age Can a Child Refuse Visitation?

When parents divorce, working out custody and parenting time can take significant time and effort. Unfortunately, their agreement may hit a snag if their child doesn't want to comply with the arrangements. Teenagers, in particular, may object to being told they must...

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Maintaining the Finances and Custody During a Divorce

Perhaps one of the most stressful times during a divorce is the time between filing for divorce and when the divorce is actually finalized. A lot divorcing couples find this intermediate period stressful due to the level of uncertainty that comes with it. You may be...

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Connecticut Parenting Plan Checklist

In a Connecticut divorce involving minor children, the parties must have a Parenting Plan.  In a Parenting Plan, child-related issues are addressed.  These issues include a definition of legal custody, a parental access schedule, and other provisions such as...

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What Is An Emergency Ex Parte Application For Custody?

An Emergency ex parte application for custody means that it is filed “for one party.” An ex parte application is an exception to the general rule that both parties must be present at any argument before a judge. Instead, these applications are initially considered “on...

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