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Is it possible to have a “friendly” divorce?

Absolutely. Mediation is a non–adversarial process that may be the answer for you if, as a couple, you are both committed to certain objectives, for example:

  • Acting amicably and respectfully, even though there may be disagreements along the way
  • Proceeding on the same timetable
  • Making paramount your children’s best interests
  • Providing transparency about your financial situation
  • Ensuring that you maximize confidentiality about your private issues

What types of divorce cases can be mediated?

Virtually all of them, including cases with child custody and parenting related issues, high net worth cases with complex financial arrangements, or cases with more modest financial circumstances.

What is the most important element of a successful mediation?

Trust. In one simple word. Couples get divorced for many reasons but there are certain couples, who despite the circumstances, still trust each other to arrive at a fair and legally binding resolution of their case.

If we mediate, can we get divorced during despite COVID-19 restrictions?

Yes! This is true even though Courts remain closed for most in–person divorce matters and the number of senior judges has been substantially reduced. A successful mediation will lead to a Divorce Agreement where yediou never need to step foot in the Courtroom. You can get divorced as soon as you have a Divorce Agreement.

Is mediation typically a time-saving way to get divorced?

Typically, yes. If couples are committed to doing so, they can move through the process rather quickly, but without forfeiting the diligence that is required for a fair and equitable result.

Will mediation be less costly than litigating a divorce?

Usually. Without the need for formal information gathering or Court intervention, the cost–savings can be substantial, and especially so because there is no need to hire attorneys as advocates in this process.

What is review counsel?

Once the mediation gets to the point where the mediator drafts a Divorce Agreement, it is advisable for the parties to each hire counsel to review it to make sure it accurately reflects the understanding of the parties and protects their interests.

What does “Directed Mediation” mean?

At Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC, we subscribe to a unique style of mediation that is aimed at getting couples through the divorce process in a quick, efficient, and cost-savings manner. As the largest Family Law firm in Connecticut, our eight highly credentialed lawyers have vast experience with a wide range of divorce and post-divorce cases throughout the state. We know “what the Judge would likely do.” So we get right to it in our mediation sessions. We do not waste time. We set an ambitious but doable schedule for all to follow and we stay on it. We guide couples to a resolution with the backdrop and context of likely outcomes based on years of experience.

What is a concierge practice?

At Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC, we hold the hands of couples who are going through the mediation process with us. We set expectations at the beginning. We commit to a rapid response. If needed, we arrange for any necessary collaterals, such as therapists, accountants, financial planners, real estate appraisers, and business valuation experts. We streamline the process so you can concentrate on yourselves and your family during this transitional time. Lastly, we do not disappear when your case is over but rather remain available to assist with establishing support systems for your new post-divorce life.

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