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How to Trace Hidden Income or Assets in Divorce

A common question in divorce cases is how an attorney can trace hidden income or assets. If you suspect your spouse is hiding money, you want proof to ensure it is considered in dividing your marital property and determining alimony and child support. In a divorce...

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Will Cohabitation After Divorce Impact My Alimony Agreement?

Alimony agreements and orders are hardly set in stone. In fact, they are routinely modified when the alimony recipient remarries. But what happens to alimony when the recipient chooses not to remarry and chooses cohabitation with his or her new significant other?  Is...

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Who Gets the Country Club Membership in Divorce?

When couples are actively involved in a country club, a frequent question that arises is who gets the country club membership if they divorce. The answer depends on the club’s rules. Importantly, the membership also raises financial issues that should be negotiated in...

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Pros and Cons of Gray Divorce

Gray divorce is the term coined to describe divorce among spouses approximately 60 and older. The rate of gray divorce has more than doubled in the last few decades and today, such divorces represent almost 35% of all divorces according to a report from the U.S....

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