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Under Connecticut law, all assets and liabilities that exist at the time of divorce are subject to an equitable distribution, including assets brought to the marriage by either party. The name in which a particular asset is titled is not a determinative factor. Property will be equitably divided based on numerous statutory factors.

Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC, in Westport and Greenwich, Connecticut, is adept at handling property distribution for individuals with complex asset configurations. Our firm’s clients include professionals, investors, managers, entrepreneurs, public figures and CEOs, as well as their spouses. In every case, our attorneys will seek a property settlement that fully recognizes our client’s contribution to the marriage.

When appropriate, our firm will assemble the necessary experts in order to assist in areas such as business valuation, identifying hidden assets and other potentially complex issues. We also assist clients in dividing retirement assets, stock options and restricted stock and other employment benefits. These assets may have specifications regarding when a former spouse can access them. We make certain our clients are fully informed with regard to gaining access to these assets. In any property division agreement, tax concerns are paramount. Our lawyers fully consider all relevant tax implications when devising any property division agreement.

Achieving Equitable Outcomes Through Different Means Of Dispute Resolution

Our Westport and Greenwich property distribution attorneys are experienced in resolving property division issues in a number of different ways. For some clients, a more amicable approach such as mediation may be possible. For others, litigation may be the sole method for obtaining the best possible result. Sometimes, the approach changes as the case moves forward. We are particularly adept at tailoring our approach to our client’s needs at every juncture. Regardless of how this issue is resolved, we will remain attentive to each client’s needs, tenacious in our goals and creative in our approach.

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