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Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC is the most elite firm in Fairfield County and the greater region. Attorney Sue Georgiades managed our case, and was incredibly attentive and diligent. Her digital response time was immediate, and her explanations of the law were meticulous and thorough. Georgiades hit the mark at every turn of the road. It was clear from our family's Filing to the finish line, that she is motivated by the truth, and a standard of excellence in practicing law. Attorney Georgiades brought our immediate family closer together: Her comprehension that Settlement and Co-Parenting are indeed a family initiative--not an action of one individual. The pace and efficiency of her work is demonstrative of the immaculate reputation of the firm. She was committed to achieving results in a timely manner, while catering to our numerous questions about the short-term & long-term expectations of divorce and co-parenting. Our family couldn't have imagined a better team--it's clear Georgiades derives her success from an honest passion for her work--our family is forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Attorney Georgiades and the Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie firm.

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TheAdam Balsam

I highly recommend the services of Nicole DiGiose, who was able to navigate me with grace through one of the more difficult times in my life. She was highly communicative, empathetic, and always made sure my expectations were kept in check. I’m extremely happy with every part of my experience with her.

5on Google,Jun 21, 2024


I truly cannot say enough about attorney DiGiose and attorney Chirco. They not only walked me through a difficult time, but fought when I didn't think I had any fight left. Choosing this firm will be one of the best decisions you make. And they way they handled everything with such class was truly remarkable.

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Eric Broderbanf Michael were tremendously supportive and helpful in getting through a very difficult divorce process. I would highly recommend them and they did a great job.

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I had a very unique divorce with some very specific challenges. Robert Vossler represented me along with Eric. They did an amazing job and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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Elsa Raskin M.D. Plastic & Cosmetic

Attorney Christopher DeMattie is a trustworthy, experienced and an excellent attorney. Commutation is excellent as he takes calls directly. Chris is honest and transparent about the process. Our divorce was obtained in a record speed. I highly recommend attorney DeMattie

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I have referred several friends and acquaintances to Eric Broder over the years, and literally every single one of them has been served exceedingly well by Mr. Broder. He is sharp, knowledgable, and effective -- you will get no better representation anywhere. What's exceptional about Mr. Broder, though, is his innate decency. He is calm and responsive, getting excellent results for his clients while maintaining respect for the dignitiy of everyone involved. I couldn't recommend Mr. Broder more heartily.

5on Google,Apr 04, 2024


This firm was recommended to me by another prestigious CT law firm for divorce and family proceedings. In particular attorney Ms. Nicole DiGiose was recommended to me. I cannot speak highly enough of Ms. DiGiose or her firm. She was not only professional but also extremely knowledgable and an excellent litigator. Nicole also made the process as easy as possible and kept in communication with me throughout. She truly went above and beyond and I whole-heartedly recommend her and her firm for anyone dealing with family law matters! Broder Orland and in specific Attorney Nicole DiGiose are without compare in my experience.

5on Google,Apr 02, 2024

Robert Guerrieri

I partnered with CT Family Law and specifically worked with Eric Broder & Nicole DiGiose. Both Eric & Nicole guided me through my legal situation and always advised me in the best interests of my children & I. Their hard work, professionalism and vast knowledge of the legal system moved us swiftly and efficiently and ultimately getting me to a resolution and closure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God Bless.

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Nicole DeGiose was great for my case, very realistic in what the expectations were, and always letting me know how much the cost to argue would be vs the cost to settle. Office was very organized, both in person and at trial, though I feel for all the trees that were felled.

5on Google,Mar 07, 2024


I went through an untypically difficult divorce process. Nicole DiGiose was my primary lawyer and worked in collaboration with Eric Broder. Both were exceptionally responsive, supportive and diligent every step of the way. Nicole, in particular, was ALWAYS buttoned up and responsive without fail. She took time to understand me and the complexities involved. As a result, I received sound and strategic advice which often entailed talking through option details. They were highly attentive to the time and corresponding costs and worked with me to insure efficient and effective choices were made. It was, personally, a difficult process but the quality of legal professionalism was delivered with a unique level or humanity and support. I recommend B&O in general and Nicole and Eric specifically for anyone who finds themselves faced with the arduous path of their divorce process.

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Nicole DiGiose i can't thank you enough for handling my case and taking ALL the stress & aggravation off my plate & putting it on to yours!! you are a true professional & i will never forget what you did for me! again thank you! Ricky Biagi

5on Google,Feb 27, 2024


I have nothing but boundless praise and admiration for Attorney Sarah Murray, who became my steadfast lifeline throughout a very dark, emotionally draining divorce. She is that rare unerring professional who makes you really wonder how on earth she does it. In all sincerity, she’s one of the sharpest, most competent people I have ever encountered in any field. My case was complicated in unusual ways and riddled with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. By dint of her tenacity, deft legal maneuvering, and sheer smarts, Sarah somehow got around them all to emerge with a landslide win. Her arguments were always artfully crafted, eloquently presented, and as close to bulletproof as they come. On top of having impossibly keen intuition and unassailable judgment, she is lightning quick on the uptake. She never missed a beat, not once. Her observant eye (the devil’s in the details, after all) came with an uncanny ability to absorb every last particular of my case and call up any given one at the exact right moment. She knows the law—and how to use it—to her core. If I had to sum up her style of lawyering, I would say it’s all bite, no bark. She has a no-nonsense way about her and a graceful, decorous demeanor that belies a true killer instinct. In court, she is totally unflappable and wields every tool in the legal arsenal with lethal poise and precision. Her closing argument at trial, the final distillation of hundreds of hours of tireless work on my behalf, gave me goosebumps and brought me to actual tears—not just because it so trenchantly cut to the heart of my case but because it was simply a transfixing show of how superhumanly good she is at what she does. She promised nothing but delivered everything. And by everything, I don’t only mean the legal victories, which were materially life-altering. I also mean a restoration of my sense of dignity, which had been eroded through an insidiously destructive marriage defined by extreme, unrelenting deceit that exhaustingly continued during the dissolution process. I probably would have given up if her staying power hadn’t rubbed off on me. She set things right by painting for the court a strikingly clear portrait of exactly what happened. The truth now stands on record. That, for me, is its own kind of justice. Sarah is my Belva Lockwood, and I could not recommend her more strongly, especially for wives who have found themselves on the short end of a power imbalance, financial or otherwise. Attorney Robert Vossler, who also put a tremendous amount of time, thought, and expertise into my case, was equally diligent and critical to the outcome. Among many other things, he was meticulous in combing through reams of discovery data and spotting red flags. If there is a needle in the proverbial haystack, he will find it. As a team, Robb and Sarah are a force to be reckoned with. There is nothing more they could have done to get me my fair shake, and I have no doubt that the end result would have been direly different had I gone with any other attorneys. I owe my future to them both. One last thing I will add about Sarah and Robb is that they gave me such attentive white-glove service the whole way through that it always felt like I was their only client, though I was far from their biggest (or easiest) one. They were adept at communicating the lay of the family law land and kept me looped in on all developments, no matter how small. At the same time, they were stringently efficient and conscientious when it came to their charging practices. This is not at all a firm that will indulge a client’s costly whims if they’re sure to lead nowhere. I genuinely got the sense that every single cent and minute spent went toward achieving a specific, carefully calculated objective.

5on Google,Feb 22, 2024


Nicole guided me through the most difficult time of my life with the utmost professionalism. Her sound advice allowed me to arrive at a very successful deal for my divorce. Thank you, Nicole, for your patience and wisdom!

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I used the services of Nicole M. DiGiose, Esq. for my Divorce and I must say Nicole has been a constant resource for legal information, process questions and more importantly she is highly available. She dealt with the case with empathy, compassion and understanding that is far beyond you expect from a typical lawyer. She always answered my questions promptly no matter its a weekend or holiday, she is knowledgeable and has most of the answers on her fingertips so that saves you money when compared to someone who needs to do research to get back to you. During our settlement discussions she worked diligently and always advised me about my options, but at the same time made decisions independently when it came to protecting me legally. I would recommend her services to any one. There is no good time to go through a divorce in your life, but if you must, having a lawyer like Nicole on your side makes the process more tolerable and gives you confidence and clarity in the most uncertain time of your life.

5on Google,Feb 19, 2024


Working with Eric Broder was a game-changer during my divorce process. Their expertise, empathy, and dedication helped navigate the complexities with ease. They were always available to answer questions and provided clear guidance every step of the way. I couldn't have asked for a better advocate during such a challenging time. Highly recommend.

5on Google,Jan 30, 2024


Eric Broder and Nicole DiGiose handled my lengthy and complicated divorce and post-judgement cases with attention to detail, perspective, and follow-through. Could not have asked for a better team!

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My divorce took approximately 18 months from filing to finalization. During that time I worked with several attorneys from Broder Orland, with Carole Orland in mainly an oversight role. My most positive and productive experience was when working directly with Sue Georgiades, who came in after we filed and was with me until the end. Sue listened to my concerns and provided alternatives with guidance, but reminded me that the decision how to proceed was mine. I never felt patronized or railroaded when we collaborated. As a stay at home mom who had not worked for many years, the decision to divorce was daunting and I was anxious much of the time, mostly about finances. Sue kept me focused and displayed a great deal of compassion and encouragement. I'm very satisfied with my settlement and that I experienced a sense of agency in the process. I appreciate that my experience was guided by two strong and clear eyed women who provided me with the resources to find peace and security on the other side.

5on Google,Jan 09, 2024


I have worked with Eric, Carole and the team at Broder Orland on numerous high-profile and high-net-worth cases since 2011 and, without exception, I have found everyone at the firm to be skillful, professional, courteous and, most importantly, unrelentingly dedicated to ethically getting the information they need to win for their clients. It's a great firm, with excellent skills and wonderful people.

5on Google,Jan 09, 2024


Eric Broder and team assisted me in my divorce and did an outstanding job of addressing my concerns, keeping me on track and advising me on my legal options. The team fought hard for me, while keeping me on budget-I felt my concerns were validated! I continue to reach out to the team, post divorce and they continue to be a valuable source for guidance and direction. Thank you team! I highly recommend!

5on Google,Dec 21, 2023


Going through a divorce is one of life’s most unnerving and challenging experience. It forces you through a range of emotions – sadness, anger, confrontation, fear, and disappointment. The process is unpredictable and sure to bring lots of anxiety. Surrounding yourself with a smart, experienced and direct divorce team is imperative. Think of it this way – you are entrusting your life with an attorney who is advocating for your economic wellbeing, your kids, and your future. Make sure you hire an attorney with the right chemistry who advocates for your cause! I had the pleasure of working with NICOLE DIGIOSE and CAROLE ORLAND from Broder Orland Murray & Demattie. I came upon them through a trusted resource in the field and they lived up to their reputation in every way. My case was very complicated and they did an admirable job navigating it. Throughout the process, they were organized, strategic, and committed. They made me feel like their only client at all the critical junctures. I will always be grateful to Nicole and Carole for their perseverance and positive outcome. And a special thanks to Nicole for her unwavering support during the tumultuous times, which were often. She has the unique ability of being able to explain the myriad of layers of the judicial process, set expectations, have difficult conversations, and always provide reassurance. I highly recommend Nicole and Carole. There is no one better!

5on BirdEye,Oct 21, 2023


Eric Broder, I WISH I had your representation years ago during my divorce. You would have spared me and my children the awful experience, humiliation, financial crush, and shitty decree my former attorney created for me. With that said, there was an open loop hole for my ex-husband to seek FULL custody of my two boys. With sincere gratitude, Atty Broder and partner, Nicole Digiose came on board to represent me and navigate the labyrinth. They were able to advise and communicate with me in manner I did not know existed in the legal world! Yes, they held my hand literally and figuratively. Brilliant and distinguished- what ever your circumstances are; I can assure you to be in "good hands."

5on BirdEye,Oct 21, 2023


Eric Broder, I WISH I had your representation years ago during my divorce. You would have spared me and my children the awful experience, humiliation, financial crush, and shitty decree my former attorney created for me. With that said, there was an open loop hole for my ex-husband to seek FULL custody of my two boys. With sincere gratitude, Atty Broder and partner, Nicole Digiose came on board to represent me and navigate the labyrinth. They were able to advise and communicate with me in manner I did not know existed in the legal world! Yes, they held my hand literally and figuratively. Brilliant and distinguished- what ever your circumstances are; I can assure you to be in "good hands."

5on Google,Oct 10, 2023


Eric was an absolute pleasure to work with during a very difficult period in my life. He was highly professional and responsive. Importantly, he consistently advocated for me. I can only say great things and recommend him for anyone looking for a top lawyer.

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I had an excellent experience working with Samuel Schoonmaker as my attorney for a prenuptial agreement. His professionalism and attention to detail were truly commendable. Throughout the process, Mr. Schoonmaker was consistently responsive and provided thorough responses to all of my questions and concerns. While legal services in the area may come at a premium, the quality of advice and service I received from Mr. Schoonmaker justified every penny. I appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing my legal matters were in capable hands. While I hope not to require legal assistance in the future, if the need arises, I would not hesitate to return to Samuel Schoonmaker and his team. Thank you for your exceptional service and guidance throughout this process.

5on Google,Sep 28, 2023


I want to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible legal representation I received from BRODER ORLAND MURRAY & DEMATTIE throughout my divorce case. This journey was undoubtedly one of the most challenging experiences of my life, and my team's dedication, professionalism, and unwavering support made all the difference. From the very beginning, I was struck by the exceptional teamwork within the firm. Each member played a crucial role, and it was evident that they collaborated seamlessly to provide me with comprehensive legal assistance. Their ability to work together as a cohesive unit truly sets them apart. What truly amazed me was my team’s commitment to leaving no stone unturned during each and every phase. My multi-layered divorce case involved sensitive issues that required a deep understanding and careful handling. My team's meticulous attention to detail and determination to uncover the truth were nothing short of remarkable. Navigating a divorce is an emotional rollercoaster, and my team, led by Nicole DiGiose, was like a steady hand guiding me through the ups and downs that preceded the trial. Their competence and ability to connect the dots in my case gave me confidence that I was in the right hands. I always felt well-informed, aware of the progress, and reassured that my interests were a top priority. Thank you! During such a challenging and emotional time, their professionalism and talent shone brightly. Their unwavering support and dedication to finding the truth were not only impressive but deeply appreciated. It's not easy to trust someone to defend your interests during a divorce, but my team earned my trust and respect every step of the way. I wholeheartedly recommend BRODER ORLAND MURRAY & DEMATTIE to anyone facing a divorce or complex family legal matter. Their exceptional teamwork, commitment to uncovering the truth, competence, and unwavering support make them stand out. Working with Nicole has been a sincere privilege, and I'm profoundly appreciative of the positive impact she had on my life during this challenging chapter. Nicole, thank you. Thank you, all, for being more than just legal representatives; you were a beacon of light during a difficult time. Sincerely, James B.

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I really can’t say enough about Ashley Albini. She was so attentive and patient with all of my questions. It made all the difference going through an emotional process.

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I highly recommend this firm. Eric and his team were amazing from day one. Eric has a rare understanding of how to deal with difficult personality traits throughout the divorce process. He has a lot of integrity, knowledge of the process and knows how to diffuse situations instead of making them worse, which is important throughout the process of a contentious divorce. He and his team helped create a solid parenting plan and worked well with opposing counsel to get things accomplished. Highly recommend!

5on Google,Aug 15, 2023


For anyone considering divorce, it can be daunting to even think about where to start. Unfortunately the process of actually getting divorced can be difficult as well depending on your spouse and the circumstances of your relationship. Divorce lawyers are by nature tough. All that said Eric Broder is an exception to those stereotypes. In additional Eric and his team can be comforting and supportive in your initial consideration and help guide through the pros and cons before you consider any litigation. If you do litigate I found Eric to be an island of trust and integrity in a sea of turmoil, always kind and genuine but tough enough to see your interests are protected. It’s not often you find a combination of the two. I would recommend Eric for any phase you’re considering as much as I would your most trusted friend , which Eric became for me! There is no one better , I assure you. David Rosenberg

5on Google,Jun 27, 2023


I can't say enough positive things about Eric Broder and Sue Georgiades. From our first phone call and through what was undoubtedly the most difficult period of my life, they made the divorce process simple and understandable, guiding me through every step with expertise, knowledge, care, and compassion. Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie's entire team is fantastic -- always providing high-quality service and remembering that I am not just a client, but a human being going through a hard time.