Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC review summary

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5on Google,Sep 07, 2023


I really can’t say enough about Ashley Albini. She was so attentive and patient with all of my questions. It made all the difference going through an emotional process.

5on Google,Aug 30, 2023


I highly recommend this firm. Eric and his team were amazing from day one. Eric has a rare understanding of how to deal with difficult personality traits throughout the divorce process. He has a lot of integrity, knowledge of the process and knows how to diffuse situations instead of making them worse, which is important throughout the process of a contentious divorce. He and his team helped create a solid parenting plan and worked well with opposing counsel to get things accomplished. Highly recommend!

5on Google,Aug 15, 2023


For anyone considering divorce, it can be daunting to even think about where to start. Unfortunately the process of actually getting divorced can be difficult as well depending on your spouse and the circumstances of your relationship. Divorce lawyers are by nature tough. All that said Eric Broder is an exception to those stereotypes. In additional Eric and his team can be comforting and supportive in your initial consideration and help guide through the pros and cons before you consider any litigation. If you do litigate I found Eric to be an island of trust and integrity in a sea of turmoil, always kind and genuine but tough enough to see your interests are protected. It’s not often you find a combination of the two. I would recommend Eric for any phase you’re considering as much as I would your most trusted friend , which Eric became for me! There is no one better , I assure you. David Rosenberg

5on Google,Jun 27, 2023


I can't say enough positive things about Eric Broder and Sue Georgiades. From our first phone call and through what was undoubtedly the most difficult period of my life, they made the divorce process simple and understandable, guiding me through every step with expertise, knowledge, care, and compassion. Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie's entire team is fantastic -- always providing high-quality service and remembering that I am not just a client, but a human being going through a hard time.

5on Google,Jun 20, 2023


This is not the first time I have worked with Broder and Orland and there is a reason why. Their office is absolutely amazing! We had the pleasure of working with Sarah Murray and Robert Vossler and I cannot express enough how incredible they were. I never once felt alone on this journey that I unfortunately needed to embark on. While going through an incredibly trying and emotional time, Sarah and Robb were responsive, insightful, ruthlessly tactful, empathetic and supportive. A true DREAM TEAM!! In the end, they helped me achieve the results I was looking for and advised me with expertise in any and all areas of concern or unnecessary argument. I would go back to them both in a heartbeat and cannot thank them enough for getting me through this process!

5on Google,May 18, 2023


Carole is great! She is extremely knowledgeable and a consummate professional.

5on Google,May 15, 2023


My experience with Nicole DiGiose and Eric Broder was very positive; they understand the importance and the emotional side of undergoing these types of legal actions and work to understand and support you as a human being. I was very fortunate to have them both support my most recent legal action, and I benefited not only from their legal expertise but also from their kindness and humanity. This is a wonderful firm if you are dealing with a family legal issue.

5on Google,May 11, 2023


My experience with Sarah Murray of this office was outstanding.The empathy and understanding that was shown to both sides by Sarah and her team was world class and very much appreciated.Through difficult negotiations and some trying moments,Sarahs patience and wisdom shone thru and resulted in a successful result for all in involved.The teams competence in some tricky legal issues and the clarity of thought that prevailed made our journey all the better. Highly Recommended. Phil C

5on Google,May 09, 2023


Navigating an issue as significant as the custody of your child is scary enough without having to worry about whether you’re selecting the right lawyer to help! I came to Ashley Albini completely overwhelmed by the process and I am so grateful that I did! She was so knowledgeable, attentive and compassionate that I felt reassured every step of the way. I cannot recommend her enough- she was my lifeline!

5on Google,May 09, 2023


Nicole DiGiose was the ultimate perfect lawyer to be by my side during the most difficult time of my life. She is personable, professional, determined, supportive, knowledgeable, compassionate and responsive. From start to finish Nicole was always available, whether to chase a reply or help me understand the process. She constantly provided reassurance and helped to take as much off my plate as possible so that I could focus on my family. I am forever grateful for her hard work to help get the best possible results during this emotional whirlwind. I am so thankful that this phase is behind me but honestly miss her companionship. Thank you Nicole!!

5on Google,May 06, 2023


I was fortunate to have Nicole DiGiose as my attorney; a lawyer who demonstrated high level of professionalism and skill in her work. Her knowledge of CT Family Law and understanding of the court system made matters efficient and removed any anxiety to the unknown. Additionally, nothing fell through the cracks: Nicole was punctual, seemed to always be available with a patient nature and provided solid advice. Never did I feel overcharged or had unproductive conversations nor did I believe unnecessary motions were filed to drum up legal fees… Broder & Orland does not work this way.

5on Google,Apr 23, 2023


After my divorce case had dragged on for a long period of time, I took multiple recommendations to change firms and all roads led to Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie. No one gets married to be divorced. It’s a highly complex, emotive and challenging process. Eric and Robert were frankly excellent throughout. I found them to be responsive, pragmatic and empathetic - all qualities I needed and not found with all attorneys. They’re prepared to ask the hard questions (which I appreciated) and gave me honesty when needed. Clear on our goals, they ensured smart negotiation to reach a fair and equitable settlement for both parties with our children top of mind. You pay for what you get. I would highly recommend Eric Broder, Robert Vossler and the team to help you navigate your divorce process with the best possible outcome. Thank you.

5on Google,Apr 19, 2023


I was referred to Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie...and could not be happier. I have worked closely with Nicole DiGiose and her team for the last year and a half. I have found them to be knowledgeable professionals with a genuine personal appeal. I would strongly recommend Nicole to anyone looking for guidance in matters of family law.

5on Google,Apr 18, 2023


Eric Broder and team made a difficult time manageable by helping navigate all the logistics of divorce. He was the only lawyer I interviewed that made no empty promises. He wanted to see all the facts and come up with a realistic plan. I am extremely happy with my settlement and the ease of the negotiation. I have recommended them to other people.

5on Google,Mar 02, 2023


Eric Broder and his team were very helpful to me in complex, ongoing settlements post-divorce. In a contentious situation, Eric is a calm, expertly informed and rationale guide, and has my strong recommendation.

5on Google,Feb 14, 2023


I personally entered into my divorce proceedings scared, inexperienced, knowing absolutely nothing about the court system and how to get anywhere. Nicole DiGiose was a pleasure to work with through the entirety of my case from start to finish. She was always available and stayed patient. She helped me to navigate all the unfamiliar territories and never lost faith in my case every step of the way, resulting in a very fair settlement and the best possible outcome for the children involved. I'm very thankful for her and the rest of the team that helped me along the way. I would definitely consider her again for future representation.

5on Google,Feb 08, 2023


I highly recommend Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC. During this very difficult time in my life they guided me step by step through the process. Carole Orland and Nicole DiGiose were a great team for me. They were knowledgeable, professional and honest. Nicole DiGiose was with me every moment, incredibly responsive and added that human touch support that I needed and very much appreciated. Thank-you Nicole!

5on Google,Jan 10, 2023


Divorce is an emotional and complex process and Eric Broder approaches the process with empathy, diligence, and superior expertise. I can't have hoped or asked for a better lawyer to guide and support me than Eric. He is extremely responsive, always getting back to me within a few hours of an email or phone call. He goes out of his way to ensure his client's needs and concerns are addressed along each step of the process. His staff and supporting team are equally professional, helpful, and kind. Thank you to all at Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie!

5on Google,Nov 29, 2022


Nicole DiGiose was amazing and an absolute boss! She is super efficient and does not waste anytime. I was hesitant at first to go with a firm that was more expensive but you definitely get what you pay for!

5on Google,Nov 16, 2022


We had a wonderful experience. Thank you for all the help and support through a very difficult time.

5on Google,Nov 15, 2022


First, if you find yourself googling family law attorneys, my heart goes out to you for the circumstances that brought you to this page. However, please know that you're in the right place and you have found the best firm to represent you. Eric Broder and Nicole DiGiose - the "dream team" of attorneys - will guide you to the best possible result for you and your children. Their compassion, skill, and unwavering resolve reassured me throughout the whole process that I made the right decision hiring this firm. They will take care of your legal rights so that you can focus on taking care of yourself.

5on Google,Sep 07, 2022


Robb and Eric make a great team. They have been so supportive, smart, and strategic through this extremely difficult process. I highly recommend them.

5on Google,Aug 23, 2022


Never underestimate the importance of excellent legal representation! Eric Broder and Sarah Murray are extremely competent, talented, and professional. They guided me every step of the way and made sure that I had a favorable outcome. In addition, they are both very personable, compassionate and very understanding about the emotional difficulties and stress that are mixed in the divorce process. I wholeheartedly recommend Eric Broder and his entire firm! You will get top notch legal representation in a supportive and caring environment.

5on Google,Jun 22, 2022


Jamie was amazing and always willing to help me :) they really made the process very easy.

5on Google,May 26, 2022


Broder and Orlando is an outstanding firm. Eric and his team have a client centric approach, but care about the ENTIRE family regardless of who they are representing. In my opinion, making one of the most difficult times a bit less stressful.

5on Google,May 25, 2022


When you are going through a difficult time in your life, it's easy to have trouble making decisions. When I was deciding on divorce, I spent a few months speaking with different attorneys, until I spoke with Eric and realized how thorough, thoughtful, and truly comprehensive he was with his advice. He exceeded all expectations I had, and made the process eminently easier than it could have been. I highly recommend Eric and his firm.

5on Google,Feb 10, 2022


Simply the best! Divorce is hell - the most important thing you can have is a trusted, empathetic and smart team behind you. Eric & Nicole are this team. Nicole provided amazing counsel and support throughout the process. If I could give more starts, I would!

5on Google,Feb 10, 2022


Eric Broder and Nicole DiGiose provided excellent and practical counsel while demonstrating understanding, empathy and positive results. They listened and implemented my objectives while delivering balanced advice, even in the light of unknowledgeable and unreasonable opposing counsel. I highly recommend them in what is often a difficult time and situation.

5on Google,Feb 02, 2022


I have known Carole Orland on a professional and personal basis for more than a decade and have seen time and time again the precision, tenacity and thoughtful and strategic thinking that she brings to each of her pursuits. Her reputation as a tireless advocate for her clients and a fair and worthy adversary for her opponents is well-earned and exhibited every day in her practice.

5on Google,Jan 05, 2022


Top Notch!! Attorneys Eric Broder & Nicole DiGiose are hands down the BEST you can get in Fairfield. They are both super efficient, caring, and on top of your case thru the whole process. Both Eric and Nicole professionally navigated me through the entanglement of procedures and I always felt they had my back since day one while dealing with opposing counsel. I am super satisfied with their performance & recommend them to anyone seeking a family law attorney.