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Experienced Guidance in Legal Custody and Physical Custody Matters

Child custody issues in Connecticut can be extremely complex. The courts are provided a variety of options in making such determinations. Ultimately, the goal of every child custody decision is making certain that the child’s best interests are met.

We will take the necessary action to ensure your concerns are addressed, and that the right determination is made by the courts. Whatever the circumstances, the attorneys at Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC will fight for your interests, and the interests of your children.

The Different Kinds Of Legal And Physical Custody

Child custody is broken down into two types — physical custody and legal custody. Legal custody generally refers to decisions made regarding the children’s education, health care and religion. Physical custody refers to where the children will primarily live. Parenting plans include various custody arrangements:

  • Joint physical custody: In joint physical custody, parents share physical custody and the responsibility of providing a stable home environment. The child may live with one parent during the school year and another during the summer months, for example. Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC offers creative solutions to allow both parents an equal opportunity to raise and spend time with their children.
  • Sole physical custody: Some parents confuse sole physical custody with being denied access to their children. While it is true that sole physical custody may be granted to a parent if the other parent is considered “unfit,” in many cases it simply refers to where a child will live and have a permanent address. Sole physical custody is beneficial in some situations because it offers a more stable environment than moving the child from home to home.
  • Joint legal custody: Joint legal custody is the most common custodial arrangement because it gives both parents equal rights to make important decisions for their children and provides them with access to medical records, school records and other legal documents. Generally, joint legal custody will be granted unless there is overwhelming evidence to do otherwise.
  • Sole legal custody: Sole legal custody gives one parent the sole right to make important decisions on a child’s behalf. Typically, sole legal custody is awarded in situations where domestic violence is evident or other circumstances are present that justify a decision to deny legal custody to one of the parents.

Providing Personalized Attention To Your Child Custody Matter

At Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC, our lawyers have a firm understanding of the different types of custody. We serve clients in Greenwich, Westport and all of Fairfield County. We work to reach solutions that are tailored to our clients’ unique circumstances and that benefit the parents and children alike. While we encourage our clients to resolve custody battles through mediation or other collaborative methods, we are skilled trial attorneys who will tenaciously represent our clients’ interests in court when necessary.

Please contact our law office in Westport or Greenwich, Connecticut, at 203-222-4949 to speak to a family law attorney about your child custody matter.

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