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Divorce Financials After Being Accused of A Crime

It is not unusual for domestic violence situations to result in the filing of a divorce action. Sometimes, violent incidents can also occur after filing for divorce. In both circumstances, the victim has recourse under criminal law. However, a common question is...

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What Happens to Life Insurance Policies During Divorce?

Life insurance policies are relevant to a pending divorce action in several ways that are important to understand. If you or your children are the beneficiaries of your spouse’s policy, you want to ensure that it is maintained and/or understand when it may lapse....

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What Happens to Your House in a Connecticut Divorce?

  For most divorcing couples, their house is by far their largest asset. Our Connecticut divorce attorneys explain how issues involving the family home are typically addressed during divorce proceedings. Who Stays in the House While a Divorce is Pending? Both...

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Who Gets the Art in Divorce?

Art collecting is big business. The U.S. art market in 2021 was valued at $28 billion, up 31.5 percent over 2020 and almost at pre-pandemic levels. Many couples buy art for enjoyment or as an investment, which raises the issue of how to deal with artwork in the event...

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How to Trace Hidden Income or Assets in Divorce

A common question in divorce cases is how an attorney can trace hidden income or assets. If you suspect your spouse is hiding money, you want proof to ensure it is considered in dividing your marital property and determining alimony and child support. In a divorce...

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Who Gets the Country Club Membership in Divorce?

When couples are actively involved in a country club, a frequent question that arises is who gets the country club membership if they divorce. The answer depends on the club’s rules. Importantly, the membership also raises financial issues that should be negotiated in...

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