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“More Babies or More Divorces After COVID-19?”

From an article recently published on the Psychology Today website. The COVID-18 pandemic is so different from anything we have ever experienced, yet it will be compared to natural disasters and outbreaks we have had in the past. The differences between our...

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No-Cost Divorce Advice?

From an article recently published on The New York Times' website: Divorce can be costly, as most people know, with each side expected to spend, on average, $15,500, during the process, according to Nolo, a publisher of legal books and software. Many spouses spend a...

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“Financial Infidelity on the Rise”

From an article posted on Marital infidelity is well-known, but financial infidelity might actually be more common. The few academic studies have estimated that as many as 41% of American adults admit to hiding accounts, debts or spending habits from their...

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“The Rise of the Millennial Prenup”

From the New York Times' article posted on July 6, 2018: Engaged? Congrats! Here's when to consider a prenuptial agreement--and how to get started. First comes love, then comes … prenup? If you’re a millennial, maybe. At Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC, our...

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“Hurry Up and Get a Divorce?”

“I have never wanted to counsel people, hurry up and get a divorce,” said Fern Frolin, a divorce lawyer at Mirick O’Connell in Boston, whose clients often have high incomes. “I always want to say, ‘Take your time, think if this is the right thing for you.’ But in this...

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Massachusetts on Alimony Reform

Massachusetts revisits its alimony reform law with regard to retroactivity and cohabitation. Attempts by the Connecticut legislature to reform our existing alimony law have not been successful. Read More...

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7,000 American Children Abducted by Parents

Many of us in Greenwich remember the story of a father whose son was taken to Brazil by his ex-wife where she eventually died in 2008. Instead of returning his son to him, the boy's grandparents filed for custody in Brazilian courts, making this story of parental...

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