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What is an Educational Support Order?

This Week's Blog by Nicole M. DiGiose Does the Court have the Authority to Order a Party to Contribute to a Child’s College Expenses? Yes.  Pursuant to General Statutes Section 46b-56c(a), the Court has jurisdiction to enter an order requiring one or both parents to...

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Common Questions About Divorce in Connecticut

Let’s face it – everyone knows someone who is divorced or going through a divorce. You may start the divorce process already armed with questions and misconceptions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about family law in Connecticut. Am I...

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What is Legal Separation in Connecticut?

What is Legal Separation? Legal Separation is a lawsuit that is commenced by one spouse against the other, resulting in an enforceable court order that resolves issues such as custody, division of assets and liabilities and the payment of alimony and/or child support....

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Do I Need a Forensic Financial Expert in My Divorce?

In divorce cases at Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC, we often add a forensic expert to our team. This is particularly true in the financial realm. Many of our cases emanating from Greenwich, Westport, and throughout Connecticut involve sophisticated financial...

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In many divorce cases, one party voluntarily moves out of the marital home, leaving the other party with exclusive use and occupancy of the premises. The much more likely scenario, however, is that both parties refuse to voluntarily vacate the marital home, often due...

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In many divorces, particularly in Fairfield County, Connecticut, it is common for a party to suspect his or her spouse of hiding assets. Methods of hiding assets can be simple, such as filling a safe deposit box with valuables, or skimming cash from a small business....

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