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Can I Appeal My Connecticut Family Law Case?

This Week's Blog by Sarah E. Murray The Judge Issued a Decision in My Connecticut Family Law Case: Can I Appeal? In Connecticut, you have the right to appeal a final judgment entered by a trial court.  Common final judgments subject to appeal in family law cases are...

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Second Opinions in Connecticut Divorce Cases

This Week's Blog by Carole T. Orland Is it Appropriate to Get a Second Opinion in my Divorce Case? Divorce litigation is difficult. It’s costly both emotionally and financially. It is not uncommon for clients to feel overwhelmed by the process and at times...

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How Do I Commence an Action for Divorce in Connecticut?

This Week's Blog by Nicole M. DiGiose What Documents Must be Prepared and Served Upon my Spouse in order to Commence an Action for Divorce? In order to commence an action for divorce in Connecticut, the following documents must be prepared and served upon your spouse:...

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Rebuttal Experts in a Connecticut Divorce

This Week's Blog by Christopher J. DeMattie What Is A Rebuttal Expert? Generally, in a Connecticut divorce matter, a rebuttal expert is an individual whom you hire to challenge the opinions of your spouse’s expert.  For example, the individual’s field of expertise...

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The Evolution of Cohabitation

This Week's Blog by Jaime S. Dursht Although the term “cohabitation” is not statutorily defined or even mentioned in the statute itself, it is a well-known concept in Connecticut Family Law referring to grounds to have alimony payments reduced, suspended or terminated...

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What is Child Custody in a Connecticut Divorce Case?

This Week's Blog by Eric J. Broder The term “child custody” can be broken down into two separate definitions, legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody addresses which parent has the right to make major decisions concerning the child(ren). Major decisions...

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