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Testifying in a Connecticut Divorce

This Week's Blog by Christopher J. DeMattie. Do I have to testify during my Connecticut Divorce? A divorce action is a civil lawsuit, so any time evidence is required to resolve a disputed issued testimony of witness is likely required.  Typically, the witnesses in a...

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What is the Middletown Regional Family Trial Docket?

This Week's Blog by Chris DeMattie The Connecticut Judicial Branch created a special docket in the Middlesex Judicial District to handle contested custody and visitation matters.  One judge presides over and manages the docket and per the Judicial Branch: “The goal is...

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Mediation in Divorce Cases

This Week's Blog by Carole T. Orland What is Mediation in the Context of Divorce? Mediation can be a helpful approach in certain divorce cases. Typically the mediator is a lawyer who objectively tries to help resolve your case or specific issues within the case. Are...

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How to Catch a Cheater

This Week's Blog by Christopher J. DeMattie As technology rapidly advances, more and more of our daily activities are uploaded to our many electronic devices.  Information is becoming more permanent, and the electronic trail left behind is growing.  It is extremely...

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Grounds for Divorce in Connecticut

This Week's Blog by Christopher J. DeMattie What are the Grounds for Divorce in Connecticut? To commence a divorce action in Connecticut, the Plaintiff must plead a statutory approved ground for seeking the divorce.  You cannot simply plead: “I do not want to be...

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Post-Divorce Housekeeping

This Week's Blog by Carole T. Orland Post-divorce housekeeping items require your immediate attention Attend to provisions relating to your Parenting Plan and financial distribution Utilize your attorney, accountant, counselor and other professionals to effectuate...

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How Do I Stop or Slow Down My Divorce?

This Week's Blog by Jaime S. Dursht There are instances where one spouse decides to file for divorce while the other spouse strongly desires to salvage the marriage. Sometimes the legal process is well under way when one or both parties suddenly decide to explore the...

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Do I Have to Go to Court?

This Week's Blog by Christopher J. DeMattie Public Act 17-47 excuses parties from having to go to Court to have a temporary agreement approved by the Judge Connecticut General Statutes § 46b-66 requires the Judge to inquire into the financial resources and actual...

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