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Mediation in Divorce Cases

This Week's Blog by Carole T. Orland What is Mediation in the Context of Divorce? Mediation can be a helpful approach in certain divorce cases. Typically the mediator is a lawyer who objectively tries to help resolve your case or specific issues within the case. Are...

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How to Catch a Cheater

This Week's Blog by Christopher J. DeMattie As technology rapidly advances, more and more of our daily activities are uploaded to our many electronic devices.  Information is becoming more permanent, and the electronic trail left behind is growing.  It is extremely...

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What Will My Divorce Cost?

This Week's Blog by Carole T. Orland The complexity of your case is a cost factor but the size of the marital estate may not be a major factor. Cost may depend on opposing counsel. Retainers and hourly rates aren’t always indicators of projected costs. You can...

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