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What is the Parenting Education Program?

This Week's Blog by Jaime S. Dursht It is a mandatory course for any parent going through divorce with minor children. The purpose is to educate parents about the impact of divorce on children. The course duration is six hours and can be completed in two 3-hour...

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Reopening Divorce Judgments on the Basis of Fraud

A divorce judgment may be “reopened” on the basis of fraud, and potentially set aside, if it is discovered after the judgment was issued that a party made intentional material misrepresentations to the Court. Proof of fraud alone is insufficient to have a judgment...

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The Connecticut Divorce: What is Family Relations?

This Week's Blog by Christopher J. DeMattie Family Relations offers a wide variety of services to help resolve parenting, custody, and financial disputes in divorce and post-judgment actions. Depending on the service recommended, you can expect to meet with a Family...

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Is it Legal to Record Conversations in Connecticut?

There is a difference between recording in-person conversations and recording phone conversations. Clients often think that recordings will provide helpful evidence in a divorce proceeding. This is usually true only in extreme circumstances (such as abuse or serious...

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Do My Child’s Wishes Matter in a Custody Dispute?

In adjudicating custody and parenting time disputes, Courts are required to give consideration to a child’s wishes only in instances where a child is, “of sufficient age and capable of forming an intelligent preference.” There is no fixed age at which a child’s wishes...

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