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When Do You Need a Financial Expert in Divorce?

A significant reason why divorce can take a long time is because of disputes over financial issues – both division of assets and support. Bringing in financial experts as part of your legal team is sometimes necessary in order to address these financial issues....

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Who Gets the Family Pet in Divorce?

Ask any pet lover and they will say that their pet is a member of the family. However, under Connecticut law, a pet is treated as property, no matter how much you love them and how well they are treated. That’s true in divorce cases as well. While you may think of...

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Exclusive Occupancy in a Connecticut Divorce

  In the beginning stages of divorce, many couples wonder whether or not they should still coinhabit the marital home, or seek separate living arrangements. In most circumstances, it’s highly suggested that couples live separately as soon as the divorce process...

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Is There Such A Thing As A Friendly Divorce?

Divorce can be incredibly difficult; however, there is no clear-cut reason as to why it can’t be friendly.  Keeping your divorce as amicable as possible can be incredibly beneficial- as it lessens the emotional toll the process takes on all involved and the cost...

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What Are the Odds Your Divorce Case Will Go to Trial?

Very few divorce cases get litigated despite what you see on television shows and celebrity gossip. In Connecticut, over 95% of cases are resolved before trial. However, it’s more interesting to hear about the details of a nasty divorce battle than how a couple...

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Divorce Financials After Being Accused of A Crime

It is not unusual for domestic violence situations to result in the filing of a divorce action. Sometimes, violent incidents can also occur after filing for divorce. In both circumstances, the victim has recourse under criminal law. However, a common question is...

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What Happens to Life Insurance Policies During Divorce?

Life insurance policies are relevant to a pending divorce action in several ways that are important to understand. If you or your children are the beneficiaries of your spouse’s policy, you want to ensure that it is maintained and/or understand when it may lapse....

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