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Pros and Cons of Gray Divorce

Gray divorce is the term coined to describe divorce among spouses approximately 60 and older. The rate of gray divorce has more than doubled in the last few decades and today, such divorces represent almost 35% of all divorces according to a report from the U.S....

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Can Your Spouse Get Part of Your Inheritance in Divorce?

If you are considering divorce and have inherited money or property, you may be wondering if your spouse has a right to it. Connecticut law is different from many states in how it treats inherited assets. In many cases, your spouse can get part of your inheritance in...

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Maintaining the Finances and Custody During a Divorce

Perhaps one of the most stressful times during a divorce is the time between filing for divorce and when the divorce is actually finalized. A lot divorcing couples find this intermediate period stressful due to the level of uncertainty that comes with it. You may be...

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Virtual or In-Person Court for my Connecticut Divorce?

On May 27, 2022, the Connecticut Judicial Branch issued general guidelines for the use of remote proceedings Post-Covid.  The general guidelines are subject to the discretion of the local presiding Judge assigned to a particular matter to proceed differently in...

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Individuals have a right to privacy during divorce just as they do during marriage.  It is not uncommon for spouses to pry into each other’s personal communications, records and things to uncover hidden information especially as the level of mistrust escalates during...

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