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When Can a Custodial Parent Relocate with a Child?

Child custody and parenting time are frequent areas of conflict. One of the most difficult issues is when one custodial parent wants to relocate out of Connecticut with the child. Connecticut courts apply different standards for deciding if relocation will be...

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How Does a Parenting Plan Work in a Connecticut Divorce?

Among all the issues that must be resolved when a marriage ends, those involving minor children are, without a doubt, the most important. In Connecticut, divorcing couples with minor children are required to establish a parenting plan that protects each child's best...

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Connecticut Parenting Plan Checklist

In a Connecticut divorce involving minor children, the parties must have a Parenting Plan.  In a Parenting Plan, child-related issues are addressed.  These issues include a definition of legal custody, a parental access schedule, and other provisions such as...

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What Provisions Should Be Included in a Parenting Plan?

This Week's Blog by Nicole M. DiGiose. What is a Parenting Plan? A Parenting Plan is a document, usually in the form of an agreement, that addresses child-related issues, such as legal custody and a parental access schedule. In the absence of an agreed-upon Parenting...

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Alcohol Testing

This Week's Blog by Christopher J. DeMattie The Court has the authority to order a parent to submit to alcohol testing as a condition of exercising parenting time with a minor child The alcohol testing protocol can be designed for the purpose of determining whether a...

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The Basics of Bird Nesting

This Week's Blog by Carole T. Orland On occasion, clients who consult with divorce lawyers in Greenwich, Westport and other Fairfield County cities and towns, inquire about arrangements where the children stay in their home and the parents alternate moving in and out....

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Shared Physical Custody, Split Custody & Child Support

In our practice at Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie, LLC, we are often asked the following questions: If my spouse and I share physical custody of our children, do I still have to pay child support?; and Can my spouse get out of paying child support by requesting...

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I am often asked, "What is a typical parenting plan in a divorce case"? Many people believe (assuming the mother works part-time or is a "stay-at-home" mother and the father works full time) that the children will be with the father as follows: (a) every other weekend...

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