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Arguments Over Money Linked to Higher Rate of Divorce

April 14, 2017

The divorce rate has remained steady in the U.S. over the last few years, leaving many to wonder why couples are getting divorced. While there are several reasons couples decide to get divorced, a new study reports that financial arguments is one of the main reasons cited in divorce cases.

The study by a Kansas State University researcher found that couples who argue over money and finances have a higher risk of getting divorced compared to couples who argue over other issues. The study reported that couples who argued about money early in their relationship had the highest risk of getting divorced in the future.

Couples who argue over finances and money are more likely to get divorced. The study found that it didn’t matter what the couple’s income, debt or net worth was, arguments over finances was still the top predictor of divorce. This is often because these arguments are longer and couples are more intense and harsh on each other than during other marital disputes, according to the study.

Researchers said that arguments over finances can lead to couples not being satisfied with their relationship and increases the chance of divorce, especially for couples who started arguing over money early on in their relationship.

Couples who argue over finances who decide to get divorced may also have issues negoiating asset division during the divorce settlement. Negotiating the divorce settlement can be complicated and frustrating. That is why spouses going through divorce should consult a divorce attorney to understand the divorce process and know what factors to consider before going into negotiations.

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