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Avoid child custody issues over the holidays with these tips

April 12, 2017

Christmas will be here in just a few short weeks, but for divorced Connecticut parents, the holidays are not always so jolly. The stress of child custody and deciding which parent gets the children on Christmas morning can put a damper on all the festivities. It’s important, though, to think about what’s best for the kids as they celebrate the magic of the holiday season. Here are some tips to avoid child custody issues and have a merry Christmas this year.

Now is a good time to look over the schedule for December and become aware of which parent has physical custody and visitation rights on various days. If there are any disputes, work with the other parent now so that there no surprises come Christmas morning. Judges have families, too, and they may not be in a good mood if they have to deal with emergency legal issues on Christmas.

Make sure your children are aware of their schedules as well. Sometimes holiday traditions and rituals have to be tweaked in the wake of a divorce. If the kids have time to prepare and ask questions, things will go much more smoothly.

Communication is key. Children typically cannot be taken out of state without the written consent of the other parent, so if this is the plan, both parents should be aware. The parents should be honest with each other regarding their holiday plans and ensure they are reachable in an emergency.

Even after a divorce, it’s important for parents to remain cordial and minimize the amount of stress their children will face. It’s normal for both parents and children to have mixed emotions during the holidays. They may be struggling with some sadness or anxiety, especially if this is the first Christmas after the divorce. But through planning and negotiation, divorced parents can ensure this holiday season will be a special one for their children.

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