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Can I Use Mediation to Resolve Child Custody Issues?

April 14, 2017

In a divorce case, litigation may be needed to resolve disputes, particularly if the parties cannot communicate on important issues. But, when the split is amicable, Connecticut couples can use mediation to settle numerous divorce issues, including child custody. Divorce mediation is less expensive and quicker than going to court, plus it is easier on all involved.

Not only are you allowed to use mediation for child custody, but it is actually recommended. A divorce will no doubt be painful for your children. Battling it out with your ex-spouse in court over who gets the children will only add more stress to this already-emotional situation. Children learn by example and if they see you working hard to cooperate and communicate with the other parent, then they will fare better in life than if you constantly yell at and badmouth the other parent.

A trial can be very threatening. Everything you say to the judge can be used against you. Mediation, on the other hand, allows you to express your emotions and desires more freely without confrontation. You and your ex will be able to negotiate an outcome on your own without letting a judge decide the fate of your children. The mediator is a neutral party who will encourage a solution without siding with either party.

Even if you and your ex split on bad terms, mediation can still be an option. Mediators are experienced at working with fighting couples, so you and your ex can negotiate the terms of the child custody while in separate rooms. The mediator will help encourage a solution based on your child’s best interests – not the personal issues you and your former spouse may have.

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