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Can Mediation Finalize a Divorce in One Weekend?

April 14, 2017

Many Connecticut marriages end in divorce, a process that often lasts many months or even as long as several years. But does it have to be that way? What if a couple could divorce in one weekend? It’s possible with divorce mediation – specifically, Divorce Hotel.

Divorce Hotel was started in the Netherlands several years ago and is now making its way to America. It is available only in New York so far, but divorcing Connecticut couples may see more locations soon if the concept takes off. Even though it is marketed as a luxurious getaway, it is far from it. The concept is actually a finalized divorce in one weekend. For $5,000, the couple gets meals, two hotel rooms, mediation and a divorce decree – in just 48 hours.

This may seem like a dream come true for couples who want to amicably split without the emotional stress involved in a costly and lengthy court battle. But the main concern is whether or not it is possible, especially for couples who have been married for decades and have numerous assets to split or child custody issues to iron out. Can all these divorce issues be resolved in just one weekend, without any hiccups along the way? That’s the question that legal experts have. What if a mistake is made and it cannot be resolved?

Some marriages are more complex than others and in those cases, mediation may not be the best avenue. Plus, a divorce needs to be done right in order to be effective. When the process is being rushed, mistakes are bound to happen, and having to deal with them after the divorce has been finalized could wind up being more stressful in the end.

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