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Charlie Sheen’s Custody Issues Keep Coming

April 14, 2017

In most Connecticut divorces, child custody typically goes to one parent or the other. But what happens when neither parent is fit to care for the children due to drugs, behavior issues or other problems? In actor Charlie Sheen’s case, another ex-wife graciously stepped up to care for his kids. Now he is claiming that someone abused the children while under her care.

Actress Denise Richards had been caring for Sheen’s 4-year-old twin boys since May, when their mother relapsed on drugs and went back to rehab. Their mother is former socialite Brooke Mueller, who has been in and out of rehab for many years. She even went there twice while pregnant with the boys.

Just before Thanksgiving, the boys’ psychologist allegedly heard one of the boys say he was hit while in Richards’ care. Police went to investigate at her home, but Richards denied them access because her young daughters – fathered by Sheen – were at the home. Richards denies the claim of abuse.

The boys were not under Richards’ care at the time of the allegation. Richards recently stepped down as caregiver because she claims Sheen’s boys are too violent and feared that her daughters’ lives would be put at risk. The boys are now temporarily living with Mueller’s brother down the street.

Mueller is now living in a condo and working to regain child custody on a full-time basis. She and Sheen were married from 2008 to 2011.

This situation is unfortunate for the boys, who are being shuttled around from one home to another. Richards did her best to care for the children and went above and beyond, considering that the boys were not even her own. Hopefully, Mueller will turn her life around and give the boys some much-needed stability in their lives.

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