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Child Custody Basics

April 14, 2017

Connecticut parents who are going through a divorce or split from a spouse or partner often have many questions and concerns related to child custody. Such matters are often highly emotional and can quickly become heated and contentious. It’s important, therefore, that parents who are dealing with disputes over child custody seek legal advice and assistance.

When it comes to decisions about child custody, it’s often best if parents can come to an agreement on their own. An attorney can answer questions, provide advice and assist a parent in his or her attempts to sort out a child custody and parenting agreement with a soon to be ex-spouse. In some cases, parents may also choose to resolve such matters with the assistance of an attorney via mediation. Once an agreement has been reached, a formal order is entered with the court. This protects both parents and their rights in the event one parent breaches the agreement.

In cases where parents are not able to resolve child custody matters outside of court, the courts will consider numerous factors before making a decision. Above all, the courts make custody decisions based upon what’s deemed to be in a child’s best interests. For parents involved in child custody decisions, it’s important to understand how specific custody arrangements may impact one’s relationship with a child. In our next blog post, we’ll continue to discuss issues related to child custody and provide information about the different types of custody arrangements.

Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC has vast experience in dealing with custody and parenting matters, including mediation and litigation of related issues.

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