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Child Custody Drama for Sherri Shepherd and Husband

April 14, 2017

Many Connecticut readers are aware of Sherri Shepherd and her role on the daily morning show “The View.” While Shepherd may be known for her funny commentary, her current personal situation is no laughing matter. Her husband of three years is not only filing for separation, but he is also requesting alimony and full child custody of their unborn baby boy, due to be born this summer.

The child is already named after Shepherd’s husband and will be born via surrogate. The couple found the surrogate last year and so far the pregnancy has been successful. This would be the first child for the couple. Shepherd has an 8-year-old boy from another marriage.

It is unknown what exactly is causing the split. The papers, filed earlier this month, simply claim “irreconcilable differences.” Shepherd’s husband does want full custody of the boy, but is allowing Shepherd to have visitation rights. The couple has a prenuptial agreement in place, but Shepherd’s husband is claiming that it should be invalidated due to fraud.

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that may not be enforced in court if it isn’t prepared properly. Although such an agreement is valid in most cases, there are certain factors, such as fraud, that can make it invalid. The details are unknown as to why the couple’s prenup could be fraudulent, but if Shepherd’s husband felt as though he signed it under false pretenses, then both parties may end up in court in order to prove their point.

Adding to this drama is that the ex-husband is demanding full custody. Child custody is usually determined based on the best interests of the child, which may usually be joint custody with one parent retaining full physical custody. However, it is always better for divorcing couples to come to an agreement about child custody outside of court, as a judge may create a custody agreement that neither party is happy with. Consulting an experienced attorney may be able to help Connecticut couples through this difficult time by explaining the legalities of the matter.

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