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Consider mediation over contentious divorce

April 14, 2017

Connecticut residents who are going through divorce may feel dissatisfied with the process. Traditional divorce can involve a high level of conflict, which can cause additional stress during an already challenging time. Instead of feeling confined to a traditional courtroom divorce, though, those going through the process can consider seeking alternative dispute resolution. This could involve a collaborative approach in which attorneys act as mediators instead of adversaries.

Our society’s approach to divorce and marriage has changed dramatically during the past several generations, according to social psychologists. These professionals explain that even though the divorce rate is about 50 percent, we are still taking the plunge in droves. This may be because we view divorce as a right that comes along with marriage. Couples are also programmed internally to ignore each other’s flaws until they reach the breaking point. When these flaws finally become overwhelming, couples experience animosity and anger that can lead them into a contentious divorce, instead of a simple process in which a few forms are signed.

Psychologists say that our fundamental urges encourage us to retain “pit bull” attorneys who will represent us at all costs – both emotionally and financially. Fighting is cathartic for many couples, who persist in the contentious process despite having children and other responsibilities. The average modern divorce costs about $15,000; a mediation process will cost thousands less. In addition, many vulnerable couples are deceived into unnecessary divorce representation that is actually not in their best interests. A bare-bones approach could be your ticket to a better future.

In these difficult economic times, it only seems to make sense that couples would seek to lower emotional distress by also eliminating some financial challenges. Divorce mediation can provide a feasible alternative to traditional courtroom divorce, which can create unnecessary headaches.

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