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Easing Stress of Divorce With Mediation and Collaboration

April 14, 2017

Divorce is rarely easy for Connecticut couples, but it does not have to involve nasty and drawn-out courtroom battles. Many couples still believe that the only way to divorce is to hire lawyers, and have a judge decide their fate. However, mediation and collaboration are becoming more common. Still relatively new, these forms of alternative dispute resolution allow the couple themselves to negotiate, and come up with solutions that fit their needs.

The problem with taking a divorce to court is that judges are the ones who make the decisions. These decisions do not always benefit the couple, especially, when children are involved. For example, the court may decide to grant full custody to the mother, even if the father is a better parent. Nobody is a winner when judges are forced to make important decisions about couples they barely know.

In addition, litigation is exhausting, both physically and emotionally. Both parties undergo so much emotional stress dealing with divorce issues that they fail to take care of themselves.

This is why many couples choose collaborative divorce. Both parties and their lawyers work together to identify issues and come up with viable solutions. It is often cheaper than litigation, costing one-third of the price. It costs $17,800 for cases with no children involved, while those that do involve children average $25,600. Plus, most cases are finalized in fewer than nine months.

Not every split needs to be based on resentment and anger. Collaborative divorce focuses on fairness, while reducing stress on all involved. Children benefit as well because in the end, their parents are better-adjusted and better able to cooperate with each other.

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