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Experts can help in divorce decisions

April 14, 2017

Whether you are using divorce mediation or having a court decide your case in Connecticut, you might benefit from calling in some experts for advice or testimony. Decisions that are made regarding child custody and visitation, child support or alimony, and property and asset division are going to have a major impact on you and your children’s life. They need to be carefully considered.

If children are involved in your divorce, and you and your spouse want to do what is best for them, but are not sure, a child psychological expert may be worth investing in. Divorce mediators can recommend good psychologists who can analyze the situation from an unbiased angle and even speak with your children. They can also provide counseling to help deal with emotional issues before and after a divorce. If your divorce is being decided in court, they can provide expert testimony.

If you and your spouse have property, you might need a real estate expert to appraise the property or properties. Having an expert evaluate and provide an impartial report on the value of property can ensure that equality in property division is achieved.

Couples who own a business may need a business valuation expert to decide which part of the business should be considered marital property. They can suggest options for dividing the business or working out an agreement that is satisfactory for both you and your spouse. Dividing a business is probably one of the most complex issues in a divorce.

If alimony is in question, a vocational expert may be helpful. A vocational expert can analyze the skills and education of an unemployed spouse. They can suggest jobs that are appropriate or determine an individual’s capacity to work.

Fairfield, Connecticut, divorce mediators have access to these types of experts and can recommend them in the process of divorce mediation, if necessary. Using experts to provide unprejudiced options and recommendations ensures that you are not making emotional decisions. Remember, your emotions will change over time.

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