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Helping your kids through divorce

April 14, 2017

Going through a Connecticut divorce is not easy for parents or children. In fact, experts say there are a few critical steps to making sure that your children understand and accept divorce provisions, such as custody and visitation. Even though it may seem impossible, it is important for parents to put aside some of their emotional issues to help their children through this difficult transition.

The most important step to handling divorce with your children is communication. Telling your children about your upcoming divorce will be difficult, no doubt, but it must be done well the first time for maximum impact. Do not fill your kids in on irrelevant details; keep the conversation quick and be ready to answer questions. Children will react in different ways, depending on their individual temperaments and the culture of your family. It is especially critical to discuss the divorce separately with each child if you have a wide range of ages within your family. This way, you can keep the conversation age-appropriate, providing the best possible explanation for each child.

After the divorce begins, it is time to limit the divorce talk around the kids. They do not need to be privy to your personal conflict with your spouse. Kids who are used as pawns in a relationship game during divorce almost always end up with deep resentment toward their parents. Attempting to keep life as stable as possible while avoiding arguments and accusations will make the most of this difficult time.

Both parents should act in the best interests of their children during child custody negotiations, attempting effective co-parenting by minimizing their kids’ exposure to conflict. With the right legal team and an appropriate amount of determination and civility, you can weather the divorce storm without causing your children undue emotional stress.

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