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Holiday child custody issues require parents to work together

April 14, 2017

Parents who go through a divorce have to figure out how to handle parenting the children once the split is final. Although a court can order child custody arrangements for the children, other aspects are often left to the parents. Connecticut parents might be interested in learning how the holidays can add extra stress on children with divorced parents.

For some children, figuring out where to leave holiday gifts is a problem. In some instances, gifts can be brought from one house to the other. That can often lead to forgotten or misplaced parts. The problem is often complicated even more when parents place limits on the gifts, such as requiring the gifts be left at the non-custodial parent’s house.

While it isn’t necessarily easy for parent’s who are divorced, working together to ensure a good holiday season can often help children to cope better with the seasonal trials. Making sure that gifts to be shared with both homes is vital to ensuring that the children can enjoy the gifts without worrying about parental reactions. Gifts that require continued maintenance, such as pets, should be discussed if those gifts will go with the child from one home to the other.

Many child custody agreements cover only basic points. For all other child custody issues, parents must work together to ensure the best interest of the child are considered. An experienced Connecticut divorce attorney can often help parents come up with suitable child custody and visitation guidelines that place the children first. These professionals can make navigating through child custody issues a little easier.

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