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How to avoid spousal support? Get a prenup!

April 14, 2017

Divorce in Connecticut has changed quite a bit in the last 100 plus years. At one time, a couple could only divorce if there was cause, meaning that couples who were faithful but were just unhappy could not end their marriages. Divorce also used to be devastating to a social reputation and many people would forgo divorce because of the shame associated with it. Finally, divorce also used to be solely accessible to heterosexual couples.

Throughout that time, the role of alimony or spousal support has also changed. At one time, very few women worked outside the home and depended on their husbands to support them. If a marriage ended, however, the woman would be left without income and without a means to survive. Alimony, however, forced men to support their ex-wives until they could remarry. For the most part, spousal support is not as necessary as it once was.

At least that is what four divorced men are claiming. They have filed a lawsuit against the state of Connecticut, arguing that alimony laws are unconstitutional. While it may be true that most women work outside the home or would not be unable to work outside the home following a divorce, their assertion that alimony could prevent people from getting married seems to be a stretch.

If someone is truly afraid of having to pay alimony, it would be important to sit down and talk with a future spouse and consider a prenuptial agreement. In a “prenup,” future spouses can come to an agreement about some of the important parts of their marriage, as well as make some plans in case the marriage ends in divorce. So, afraid of spousal support? Get a prenup!

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