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How to prepare for divorce and the distribution of assets

April 14, 2017

Filing for divorce is a major event that married Connecticut couples should take seriously. A divorce affects a person dramatically in many ways, including emotionally and financially. It can impact not only the couple, but any children as well. If your marriage is suffering, you and your spouse may want to work hard to keep it together. If you have tried counseling and exhausted all other methods to repair your relationship – to no avail – then divorce may be in the cards. However, it can be a lengthy and complicated process, so it’s important to be prepared.

Your lawyer will need some idea of your financial situation. In order to prepare to argue forcefully on your behalf, your lawyer will need to know the value of all the marital property. You will need to provide information about bank accounts, credit cards, retirement accounts, tax returns and business assets, if applicable. These documents will also help determine who will pay child support and alimony and how much.

Preparation isn’t just about having the right documents. You need to emotionally prepare yourself as well. If you have young children, a divorce can be a traumatic experience. You will need to understand how a divorce impacts children and help them through this process by communicating with them honestly. Therapy may also be needed to help them through this tough time.

If you are contemplating ending your marriage, you need to understand what documents are required so your lawyer can determine your assets and advocate for a fair distribution of assets. In no way is a divorce easy, but by gathering the necessary information in a timely manner, you can facilitate the process and make things easier for yourself and your children.

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