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Man faces penalties for not paying child support; child isn’t his

April 14, 2017

Child support enforcement is a good idea for Connecticut parents who haven’t been financially responsible for their children. But should a man have to pay support for a child that isn’t even his own? That is the predicament someone has been facing even though he has DNA proof he is not the father.

The Hawaii man has been harassed by the state’s child support agency since 1995. The agency claims he is the father of the child, now 37 years old, and owes $24,000 in child support payments. The man has faced serious penalties for not paying the tab. He has liens against his property and cannot even get a passport.

Even the child’s mother has stated that the man is not the father. The woman, who now lives in California, can’t remember the father’s name, but his name is similar to that of the man. She and the man have missed some court hearings, so that could be the reason why the man has not been cleared of paternity yet. The agency claims that it punishes offenders based on court orders, so the man’s paternity nightmare will likely continue on until they approach the court.

It is unfortunate that the man has to go through this, considering that many parents have children that they pay no support to and are never punished. The man has had to face financial hardship due to the state’s error because he had to save up and pay for the paternity test himself. In addition, he has faced damage to his reputation and possibly his credit as well.

Child support exists to help the parent support the child after the divorce and as this case demonstrates, is taken seriously by courts. It is possible to approach a court for a child support modification order if circumstances change or, as in this rare case, a mistake is made. An experienced professional may be able to guide Connecticut residents through the process.

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