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Marc Anthony’s ex-wife wants him to pay more child support

April 14, 2017

Many Connecticut parents may be in a situation of either receiving or making payments in an effort to support their children. A change in salary, disability of one of the parents or income of a new spouse are all scenarios which may meet requirements needed for child support modification.

Singer Marc Anthony’s recent battle with his ex-wife, a former Miss Universe, over child support payments may have caught the attention of Connecticut parents. According to reports, Anthony’s ex-wife filed court papers in November requesting that her ex-husband increase her monthly payments of $13,000, to $112,000, after Anthony revealed he earns $1.25 million each month. Anthony’s ex-wife said that the lack of adequate funds have prompted her to sell their previous home and move into an apartment with her children. Anthony, on the other hand, claims that he pays his ex-wife $28,416 each month for child and spousal support, and that she fails to properly manage the funds.

The set amount of money a spouse receives for child support is income driven, which includes income numbers from both parties. In order for child support payments to be modified, it must be presented in front of a judge. Modifications can be temporary or permanent. Temporary modifications may involve a child’s medical emergency, temporary loss of employment by one of the parents or a parent medical emergency. Permanent modifications may include a permanent change in one of the parent’s incomes, a permanent disability of a parent or a change in family law, to name a few.

Whether a party is seeking an increase in monthly child support payments received, like Anthony’s ex-wife, or looking to lower outgoing monthly payments, the quality of a legal council can greatly impact the duration and amount of child and spousal support. Each set of parents’ child support situation is unique and often complex, and implementing the right strategy may help to ensure the best outcome for all parties involved.

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