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Odom facing big payment in impending divorce

April 14, 2017

Even though Khloe Kardashian’s mother insists that her daughter’s marriage to NBA player Lamar Odom is stable, new reports released earlier in August indicate that the younger woman, age 29, is contemplating filing for divorce. News reports indicate that Kardashian is furious after two women went public with their stories of affairs with Odom, who plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. This may be just the beginning of the discomfort for Odom, who will be held to task thanks to provisions prohibiting infidelity in the couple’s prenuptial agreement.

Tabloids report Odom had a long-term affair with a woman whom he met at a strip club. A California attorney also came forward with claims of infidelity. She passed a polygraph test after she admitted she had an affair with the player.

If the divorce is finalized, Odom stands to lose far more than Kardashian thanks to the language of the prenup. Professionals associated with the case admit that the couple has a nearly ironclad infidelity clause in the prenuptial agreement. Iff the affairs are confirmed, Odom would have to pay Kardashian some $500,000 for each year of the marriage. She would also be entitled to financial compensation for spousal support and shopping allowances. The couple has so far been married for four years. As a result, Odom could be looking at a $2 million payment even before attorneys’ fees and other costs.

Prenuptial agreements are not only for the rich and famous. In fact, as the average marriage age increases in our nation, a growing number of couples are entering their relationships with significant individual assets. A prenuptial agreement can help both members of the couple protect individual holdings, as well as business assets, inheritances and other property. If you are not sure that you need a prenup, consider researching the possibility for your own peace of mind.

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