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Social media helps police find man owing $250K in child support

April 13, 2017

Child support is a financial burden that many Connecticut parents have to face. Most parents try their hardest to make the monthly payments, while others make no effort at all. They ignore the child support order altogether and may even flee the state to escape the system. However, many of these parents -mostly fathers – are eventually found. Authorities were able to track down a man who had moved to California after leaving behind his child in Wisconsin.

Police accessed the 48-year-old man’s social media accounts and used that information to determine his assets and whereabouts. The man, allegedly a celebrity trainer, had paid only $424.38 since his child was born in 1993. He currently owes nearly $250,000, with $130,000 actually owed to his child’s mother and the rest owed in interest.

Law enforcement officials saw the man driving in his car – a Mercedes-Benz – to his job at a country club. That was where they arrested him. He will face four counts of failure to pay child support when he returns to Wisconsin.

Parents who are ordered to pay child support for their children should make every effort to pay the requested amount, which is based on income. Simply ignoring the order makes matters worse. Should a parent’s financial situation change – through job loss, serious illness, disability or other valid situation – he or she should contact the court and request a modification as soon as possible. Unpaid child support can quickly add up. Deadbeat parents can face a variety of penalties, including interest charges, wage garnishment, liens, jail time and even revocation of driver’s licenses or passports.

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