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Usher retains custody of 2 children

April 13, 2017

Legal experts in Connecticut know that child custody arrangements are sometimes subject to change. Whether one parent’s living situation has changed, or a parent is accused of negligent parenting, the agreements can be considered living documents that can be modified. Singer and entertainer Usher has been working through challenges to his existing child custody agreement after his ex-wife questioned his ability to care for his two children. An Aug. 9 decision in a Georgia court dismissed the woman’s claims, however, confirming that Usher should retain primary custody.

The woman had sought a change to the existing custody agreement after an accident at an Atlanta pool nearly killed one of the boys. The child became stuck in a drain at the bottom of a pool in early August. The boy was pulled out and received CPR from a contractor doing work at the home. The child was still in the hospital on Aug. 9, just four days after the accident. A judge in the case determined that, although the accident was unfortunate, it is unlikely that improper parenting led to the mishap.

In addition, the judge instructed Usher to continue to inform his ex-wife about his whereabouts and those of the children. The woman insists the singer routinely fails to provide information about the children. She worries about the fact that she does not know where the children are or who is overseeing them. At the time of the most recent accident, the children were being cared for by their aunt. Usher was recording at a studio down the road.

This is just the most recent development in the lengthy custody case. The woman has sought more parental rights since the couple split in 2009.

If you are afraid for your children’s welfare while they stay at their other parent’s home, consider seeking the assistance of a qualified family attorney. These professionals can help you learn more about your rights and responsibilities, providing you with the information you need to exercise your parental claim.

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