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Can I Date During a Connecticut Divorce?

May 6, 2024


During the divorce process, many individuals wonder whether or not they will be allowed to date and, if so, how dating might affect the overall outcome of their case. Connecticut has no rules stating that parties to a divorce cannot date during proceedings. However, it’s imperative to take certain precautions should you choose to do so.

In our latest video blog, Partner and Attorney Eric Broder walks us through the rules surrounding dating during divorce and the steps you can take to mitigate the risk of negative repercussions. His insights are summarized below.

When Can I Date?

That is a common question and is often asked during the initial consultation with a divorce attorney. At the end of a consultation period, a client will say, “I have one more question,” which typically pertains to dating. Divorcing spouses can date immediately, but there are some rules around dating they should be sure to follow.

What Are The Rules Around Dating When You’re In The Process Of A Connecticut Divorce?

First and foremost, do not introduce anyone you’re dating to your children. If you’re going to do so, you need to have explicit consent from your spouse. There are also specific ways to handle the introduction, as it may surprise your child. If you or your child has a therapist, they should be consulted. Additionally, you can seek advice from your child’s pediatrician on initiating the introduction. Above all, you mustn’t introduce your child to a significant other unless you’ve had the opportunity to properly address it with all parties involved.

Are There Financial Issues Concerning Dating During The Divorce Process?

I always tell people, don’t go out and buy a pair of earrings for $5,000 because you’re spending your spouse’s money, or at least half of your spouse’s money, on that particular item. Don’t buy a watch. Don’t take a very expensive vacation or do anything out of the ordinary, as doing so will be considered a dissipation of marital assets. What that means is you’re essentially pre-spending the funds you’re going to receive in a divorce. If taking these types of actions during a divorce and your soon-to-be ex-spouse finds out, it can certainly change the tenor of a case and not for the better. When people are dating regularly during a divorce and spending money,  the atmosphere around the case and the ability to settle that case is going to substantially decrease.

Well, If I Can Date, How Should I Date, And What Should I Do?

Well, I’ll start with a don’t. Don’t go out for dinner in the town in which you reside. You’re going to see your friends; you’re going to see children that you know, and you’re going to possibly see your spouse. Yes, all that has happened many, many times. Go far away. Don’t stay in town. And secondarily, be sure not to introduce that person to your children or close friends. Things will inevitably get back to your spouse, and what happens is the negativity, and basically, the overall case becomes more of an inferno than a settleable divorce case.

Should I Put Anything About Dating On Social Media?

The answer is no. Please, no photographs of you and your boyfriend or girlfriend at a barbecue, sporting event, or concert. Again, those items will certainly inflame the situation, and your children may also see it. Whether you think you have a private Facebook or Instagram account, there is always a possibility that someone will catch wind of what is happening.  This will certainly not make for a good case.

If you have questions surrounding dating during the divorce process, it’s highly advised that you seek experienced counsel. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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