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Getting Divorced During COVID

January 14, 2021

It is possible to initiate, work through, and finalize a divorce during COVID. And you will not even have to go to Court. Our office is handling these cases regularly and with positive results.

In some instances, the parties were already contemplating divorce before the COVID pandemic arrived. In others, COVID either stoked the idea or created situations, such as living and working on top of each other, that precipitated the desire to get divorced.

Whether we mediate your case or litigate it with opposing counsel, our goal is always to settle. Since approximately 95% of all divorce cases ultimately settle, our firm’s philosophy is to endeavor to reach an amicable resolution sooner than later, saving the parties and their family the emotional strain and financial drain that often accompany a divorce action.

However, some cases are not conducive to settling such as custody battles, relocation matters, and cases involving abuse or violence. Other cases defy settlement when one party has an unrealistic expectation regarding alimony or the allocation of marital assets. When cases like these cannot be resolved out of Court, our firm’s lawyers are tenacious in strenuously litigating on behalf of our clients. We have tried some of the most notable cases in Connecticut for which we are highly acclaimed by our colleagues and held in esteem by the judiciary. We are always ethical, professional, prepared, and communicative with our clients.

man signing prenuptial agreementWhether your case involves complex financial matters such as alternative assets, private equity interests or equity awards, or custodial issues involving physical, emotional, or substance abuse, we draw on the years of experience in our firm and the talent of our lawyers to develop a strategy to achieve the best result. We often enlist the assistance of collateral experts such as lawyers in other fields of practice, accountants, investment advisors, business valuation experts, appraisers, and therapists.

Because our firm is one of the largest family law firms in Connecticut, we can handle a wide variety of cases.  We handle not only complex financial and custody cases but also those that are less complex but still very significant to our clients. These may involve allocating retirement funds, collecting overdue child support, working through parenting plans, or finding a constructive way to address debt. To us, no case is too small or too large. To each client, his or her case is the most important case with effects that can linger well beyond divorce. And that is why we do not drop off the day you get divorced. We work hard to assist you and your family with the transition to post-divorce life.

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